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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Youngstown chapter.

As the calander page turns and the leaves begin to fall, the season of autumn has arrived. For some this means enjoying pumpkin flavored coffee, while others prefer to bundle up in the coziest of sweaters. But for most, fall means the approach of Halloween and a wild variety of costume options. From Taylor to Barbie, we have had a giant explosion of new content to inspire this year’s upcoming costumes.

Despite what some say, it is never too early to start planning your outfit. Here are my top five trendy costumes for Halloween 2023:

1. Taylor Swift:

Taylor Alison Swift, the queen of the music industry and possibly the world, began her heavily anticipated Eras Tour this March, providing countless costume-worthy looks across the last seven months. Even more inspiration can be found exploring her music videos, dating life, and career. From the gold fringed dress worn during her Fearless set on tour to the Junior Jewels look she sports in her 2009 “You Belong with Me” music video, T-Swizzle has given us endless Halloween options.

Alongside a blonde wig, you’ll need the help of a strong reference photo to make these costumes, all of which partner perfectly with a fellow Taylor costume or Travis Kelce jersey! To make this choice all the more fitting, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is released on October 27th, just days before the holiday!


2. Wednesday Addams:

Released at the end of 2022’s fall season, Netflix’s Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, provides the perfect costume for any classic horror fan. Much like the original character from 1964’s Addams Family sitcom, this Wednesday dons a black long-sleeved dress with a crisp white collar and black, chunky shoes. Her pale skin and dark eyes add a perfect chill to any spooky atmosphere. For alternate costume ideas, try her school uniform, a pinstriped blazer and skirt combination, or her famous dance outfit. Additional props include a plastic skull, a stitched and severed hand, or a black, braided wig.

Searching for a group costume? Add new and old characters like Morticia, Bianca, and Pugsley to your Addams Family gang!

3. American Girl Dolls:

For nearly four decades, American Girl Dolls have been a crucial part of young girls’ childhoods. With a wide range of personalized and historical dolls as well as their books, outfits, and accessories, the brand has built an empire of dreams for little girls and their dolls. It’s even influenced recent trends with a rise in “We Need an American Girl Doll Who…” memes. Why not bring some of that beloved nostalgia back through this season’s Halloween costume?

When looking for inspiration, take a trip to your parent’s attic. There’s a fairly good chance that your mom, like my mom, held on to your doll as well as all of her accessories (those things were and still are crazy expensive after all). Model your costume after an adored historical doll like 1970’s hippie Juli Albright or the current Truly Me outfit from the Look Like Me line. Searching for a last-minute costume? Wipe the dust off your old doll and dress as childhood you, the possibilities being endless. Have fun walking down memory lane while collecting your candy!

4. Super Mario Bros.:

Whether you choose a plumber or a princess for your Halloween attire, your Super Mario Bros. costume is sure to receive outstanding compliments. This April the franchise released a new animated film, complete with a Bowser (played by Jack Black) preformed love song for Princess Peach. The new adventure features plenty of familiar video game favorites, all of which make excellent costumes for 2023.

Grab a partner, a group, or simply just yourself and begin building your costume. Both Mario and Luigi sport denim overalls, white gloves, and brown boots in addition to their respective colored hats and long sleeves. Princess Peach’s look consists of a pink ruffled dress with poofy, short sleeves in as well as full length gloves and a golden crown. Additionally, you’ll probably need a long, blonde wig and round, blue earrings for this outfit. “Lets-a go!”

5. Barbie:

Cowgirl!? President!? Astronaut!? Is there anything that Barbie can’t do? Mattel’s recent summer blockbuster Barbie certainly answers no to that question. The film stars Margot Robbie as the title character in a fantastic, plastic adventure filled with endless costume opportunities. Despite featuring a familiar childhood toy, the movie takes an in-depth exploration into what it really means to be a woman, a daughter, and a mother in today’s world. In addition to costumes, the film has impacted social media, fashion, makeup, toys, and our emotions.

For a simple, DIY costume, grab some pink clothes and accessories from your closet to style a personalized Barbie. If you’re in search of a trendier outfit, rock Barbie’s cowgirl or rollerblade looks! Take a blast back to the past in Barbie’s original black and white swimsuit or her glitzy 1970’s disco jumpsuit. Go for a more unique costume by recreating Kate McKinnon’s “Weird Barbie” or take the classic route in Barbie’s perfect day, pink gingham dress. Feel free to take looks straight from the movie or put a glamourous twist your own design. Pair them with a fashionable Ken, a fellow Barbie, or a Barbie Box costume. Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

While all these options might be popular this Halloween, it doesn’t mean they can’t be unique. Have fun creating a costume that expresses your perfect personality and spirted style! Stay spooky!

Maggie Byers

Youngstown '26

Maggie Byers is a second-year member of the Her Campus chapter at Youngstown State University. She writes about holiday trends, relationships, and entertainment (ranging from Taylor Swift to Harry Potter). Maggie is a campus employee and majors in Public and Professional Writing. When she’s not busy working or writing, she loves reading romance novels, listening to Broadway music, and exclusively wearing silver jewelry.