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Katie Barrows

NCSU '24

My name is Katie Barrows and I am a writer with a passion for all things related to lifestyle, wellness, relationships, and more. My goal as a Her Campus member is to create content that inspires readers on various aspects of life, from health and well-being to personal growth, while also writing on intriguing, enjoyable topics. I especially love the aspect of community and connections that I have built through HC.

Currently, I am a senior at North Carolina State University, pursuing degrees in communications/public relations and business administration. I also have a minor in social work, and actively work with many nonprofit organizations.

Outside of my academic and writing pursuits, I love fitness and the outdoors, as well as beauty, makeup, and skincare. I'm also an avid fan of the TV show "Love Island." Looking ahead to life after graduation, I hope to work in the field of public relations and marketing, using my education and writing skills to help organizations effectively convey their messages, build strong brand identities, and connect with their target audiences.