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Kakolika Gogoi

Delhi North '25

Kakolika Gogoi is a member of the editorial team at Her Campus Delhi North Chapter. She is determined to produce write ups related to career, life and entertainment that include the coverage of the world of education, movies and music, and general life experiences.

Kakolika is extremely passionate about the field of international relations and public policy and could see her scroll through her twitter feed only to acquaint herself with the occurrences of the world. She is a trained singer and hence never misses a day without getting her vocals set into numerous tunes, that is to say, she loves to sing with her heart out.

A movie buff, Kakolika favors watching movies that comprise great historical drama and feel good romcoms. Her mom is her biggest bestfriend and hence is the one with whom she can gossip all day long and rant together with all the relatable problems that come along their way!