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Gina Russell


Gina Russell is a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. There she studies English/Communication/binge drinks coffee/complains. She is a lover of anything apple cinnamon scented and books that leave you with more questions than answers. She was born and raised in Chicago. In her spare time, though it may be scarce, she likes to emotionally listen to Florence + the Machine and Arcade Fire, go off on feminist rants, read, write, and watch poetry, add Sriracha to everything edible, incorporate tree pose into normal day activities, eat her weight in sushi, take pictures with her dog, and spontaneously combust into tears about the fact that Lollapalooza is only three days a year. If any of this happens appeal to you, you could follow her on Twitter (@geenuhhhh) or Instagram (also @geenuhhhh). Also, she happens to blog on the riveting adventures of her life or more predominately, the lack there of at http://defineweird.wordpress.com/