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Emma McMinn

TAMU '25

Emma McMinn is a member of the Her Campus chapter at Texas A&M University. She is a part of the Public Relations team which designs merchandise and curates press releases each semester.

In addition to Her Campus, Emma works as the Online Editor for The A-LINE Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine at Texas A&M University, where she posts online articles weekly, manages the online store, and creates and sends out weekly newsletters. Prior to being the Online Editor, Emma was a social media team member. As a social media team member, Emma developed photoshoot themes and directed the photoshoots for Instagram content. She also created Instagram stories to be posted in correspondence to the weekly articles posted on the website. Emma has served as Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Team Trendsetter where she made outfit styling posts using VS PINK’s merchandise and kept the Instagram feed trendy. Emma held the positions of Webmaster and Formal Chair of FBLA at Texas A&M University. She managed the FBLA website and organized all formal events. Emma McMinn is currently a junior at Texas A&M University, majoring in Communications with a minor in Graphic Design. She is in pursuit of a social media certificate at Texas A&M. She aims to find a career in the field of fashion public relations.

Emma loves beach sunrises and brunch. She also enjoys playing tennis and pickleball. You will often find Emma reading fashion magazines like Interview Magazine and Konfekt. Her favorite way to spend her weekends is visiting modern art museums and galleries. Emma is always up for trying new restaurants and coffee shops. If Emma isn’t out shopping or with friends she is snuggling with her cat Thor. Emma’s favorite movies are Pitch Perfect, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Lalaland.