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Devan Colby

BU '25

Devan Colby is the senior editor and writing director at the Her Campus at BU chapter. She oversees all articles that the chapter publishes on the site, and occasionally writes some of her own.

Outside of Her Campus, Devan is also a feature writer for The Daily Free Press, the independent student newspaper at Boston University. She has also interned with her local Nexstar-owned TV news station as a member of their digital team, where she helped produce content for the station's corresponding website. She is currently a junior at Boston University majoring in both journalism and political science.

Writing is Devan's main pastime, and even when not working for a publication, she loves to write creatively. She is also a hobbyist visual artist with an interest in photojournalism. When she's not creating, she can be found going for runs around the city with friends or fawning over her quartet of houseplants.