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Alyssa Rodrigues

UVA '26

Alyssa Rodrigues contributes to the writing and social teams at the Her Campus chapter at the University of Virginia. She covers a range of topics, from pop culture to beauty.

Outside of Her Campus, Alyssa is a member of Girls Who Code, DivestUVA, and the Indian Students Association. She wrote for her high school's magazine and annual Alumni Issue where she interviewed an alumna who went on "The Bachelor," and has explored topics within culture, fashion, music, and political issues. She is currently a second year Computer Science major at UVA.

Alyssa is from Virginia Beach, but spent her childhood in five different cities across the world- attending eight schools in the process. She enjoys watching just about any show she can get her hands on (but New Girl is her comfort show) and constantly listening to music from her meticulously curated playlists. When she's feeling messy, she loves engaging in fashion discourse on Twitter.