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Sabrina Brier self-timer photo
Sabrina Brier self-timer photo
Photo by Sabrina Brier
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Sabrina Brier: Your Well-Dressed Friend On Being The New Carrie Bradshaw

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If you’ve spent any amount of time on any social media platform, odds are you’ve seen Sabrina Brier. The creator has amassed over 65 million views on TikTok alone and has been the subject of an article in The New York Times. If the name isn’t ringing a bell, you have probably seen her skits depicting different types of friends and situations we encounter on a daily basis. Her caricatures are hilariously accurate, sometimes to the point that it’s a touch uncomfortable. But it’s healthy to be called out sometimes! Right!? It is, right….

Well, it’s at least entertaining to laugh at uncanny descriptions of the annoying people we know who are definitely nothing like us at all. 

Sabrina rose to social media fame for her sense of humor and originality, but recently, another aspect of her online presence has been catching the eyes of users across platforms. Sabrina has always had great outfits in her videos, but she’s reached another level recently.

In a video posted to her TikTok (@sabrina.cinoman.brier) on August 10th, she flaunts a stunning newspaper dress- and it looks a tad bit familiar. We saw something remarkably similar on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw in the 17th episode of Sex and The City’s third season. Viewers quickly caught on to the reference, and although it was not an intentional publicity tactic for SATC lover Brier, it certainly caught people’s attention.  

I had been watching Sabrina’s videos for a while, so when I saw the dress I was not entirely shocked. Sabrina has always had amazing taste and has such cute outfits on display in her content. I guess it just took something really iconic in media for everyone to realize.

I soon came across a tweet by user @_giuseppeas saying “i need a sex and the city style show with sabrina brier,” and it hit me. There is no one better for the role, no other modern Carrie Bradshaw in the flesh than Sabrina herself.

I had the privilege of speaking with Sabrina to ask her some questions about her online presence, the looks she’s shown off in videos, and what’s next for her (television, anyone?).

Q: We’ve seen loots of Sex and the City influence in your content. When you think of Carrie Bradshaw and the content she creates, her public persona- where do you see “Sabrina” (the online presence) in relation to that?  

A: It’s funny because when I first made content it was more about New York in general / dating, but as I got into the groove I started focusing on what I actually wanted to be making, which centered around my life with my friends. I guess I wasn’t super intentionally trying to link into the SATC thing at first, but of course there’s a connection there, and for people to compare my sensibility to the show’s is just an honor! And now that it’s such a thing, I can’t help myself but create those little nods, like with the newspaper dress. It’s a show that I will be a devoted fan of forever, and the fact that my own life and creations are starting to connect to it is just so fun. I love Carrie ❤

Q: A tweet by @_giuseppeas said, “i need a sex and the city type show with sabrina brier,” and though it got in the range of 500k views, there’s no shortage of people across the internet thinking the same thing (me included!). If the opportunity were to arise, what would you think? Would you be interested, and if so, what would that look like to really match your vision?  

A: Omg I would be ecstatic – that is the goal! I love the ~cinematic universe~ that I’ve been able to create with my friends, and the hope is to elevate that content by putting it on TV and exploring the deeper layers of those situations and characters. It’s so fun to create these miniature moments, and the idea of diving deeper into the world by making it long form is my dream. Plus, I think there is a lot of real insight and drama that would come out of expanding on those miniature moments, as shown in all the interesting online conversations that some of my videos end up sparking!

Sabrina Brier selfie
Photo by Sabrina Brier

Q: You’ve got your own reaction pic/vid/meme (oh…) that is constantly circulating. I’ve always wondered- what does that feel like? I know you see your face in videos anyway, but seeing your face connected to random situations? I know for me, even when people take pictures of me I feel like the girl in the picture is not quite me. Does it feel like there’s a disconnect between the girl in the picture/video and Sabrina to her core?  

A: Yes! And I think it’s the strange and mystical feeling every actress, writer, and artist contends with and feels. The way that people use the reactions is always soo funny and it’s exciting to be a part of, and I can’t completely explain it but, those pictures are me and yet they’re not. The more work I do, the more I understand how important it is for me to remember that there is the real me and the “creation me.” I’m very grateful for the life I have which has inspired me to create what I’ve created, and to the people who have really run with what I’ve created and made it their own in ways. 

Q: I need to know about the outfits. How much planning goes into picking what you wear for each video? The newspaper dress- that allusion was awesome, hello? Are you more motivated to have a cohesive look now that people are picking up on how consistent the outfits are? 

A: I am definitely motivated! I love thrifting and am actually doing a fun fashion rental campaign right now [check out her insta for details!]. I always loved to express myself through clothing and the internet has become this stage that empowers me to get wild and fun with it. I definitely don’t consider myself a ~professional fashion girly~ but I love playing around with it!

Q: What’s next for you? Do you have any end goal in mind, a vision for your content? When you see yourself 5-10 years from now, what’re you up to? 

A: I see myself making movies and television- sometimes as an actress, sometimes as the director- often involved in the concept- but also involved in other people’s ideas and creations. I’d also like to be a mom and have a family someday- is it all too much to hope for? Hopefully not!

Sabrina is nothing short of a creative visionary who excels at bringing hilarious, relatable content to screens everywhere and looking incredible while doing it. If there’s someone to watch out for, it’s her. New York is Sabrina’s, you’re just living in it.

Alyssa Rodrigues contributes to the writing and social teams at the Her Campus chapter at the University of Virginia. She covers a range of topics, from pop culture to beauty. Outside of Her Campus, Alyssa is a member of Girls Who Code, DivestUVA, and the Indian Students Association. She wrote for her high school's magazine and annual Alumni Issue where she interviewed an alumna who went on "The Bachelor," and has explored topics within culture, fashion, music, and political issues. She is currently a second year Computer Science major at UVA. Alyssa is from Virginia Beach, but spent her childhood in five different cities across the world- attending eight schools in the process. She enjoys watching just about any show she can get her hands on (but New Girl is her comfort show) and constantly listening to music from her meticulously curated playlists. When she's feeling messy, she loves engaging in fashion discourse on Twitter.