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Allanna Cuellar

UTSA '23

Hey there! It's no doubt that a cup of iced coffee (or 3) and fun and stylish outfits make life a whole lot more fun since the coffee adds just a little extra excitement to the outfit picking process… or a little hyperness depending on how much caffeine you had! It's definitely no doubt that I love expressing myself through fashion and my daily outfits. It's a way I love to inspire others to be confident in how they want to present themselves each day. My love of coffee has definitely gotten me through to my junior year of college here at UTSA. I'm a Business Marketing Major, so connecting with other talented individuals is something I very much enjoy. Let's not forget the daily workout for our self-care time and a healthy meal to fuel our day! If you want to grab a cup of coffee (I'm probably already drinking mine) and stick around, I can't wait to connect with you more!