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I want to start off by saying that I’m not a nutritional coach or a health doctor, but I’m sharing these tips that genuinely have helped me on my health journey. I used to suffer from really bad migraines and wasn’t the happiest with my physical health, so after lots of personal research and asking my doctor’s advice, I found that transitioning to a plant-based diet was the best for my health and my skin. These tips not only worked, but are long-lasting and sustainable habits that you can actually maintain. 


The first place to start is your mindset and how you view food. This can be a struggle. Trust me, I’ve been there. It will be highly important that you see food as fuel for your body and not something to deprive yourself of. Of course, treats are nice in moderation. It’s really easy to fall into habits such as craving sugary foods, having a highly processed food diet, or not giving our body the proper nutrients it needs to live a well-balanced life. It’s easy to think that eating healthy means eating less. This is definitely NOT the case! If anything, I eat more than I did when I ate processed or unhealthy foods because my body actually feels good from giving it the right nutrients!


Say this with me, “changing my eating style will take time!” We’re so quick to make the mistake of trying to find some quick fix: easy detox teas, or a fad diet. Now, detox teas can help make you feel good and energized, but let’s not forget that a proper diet is the most crucial part. Pairing these two together can help a lot. Realizing that you’re going to have to make a commitment to this for bettering yourself is necessary, but even more so, realizing that you’re going to need discipline as well. Discipline always wins over motivation. No one is always motivated 100% of the time, but disciplining yourself to stick to something even when you don’t want to is what will make these habits stick.


The easiest and simplest habit you can start working on is drinking water! Water is vital to life, flushes out bad toxins in the body, and hydrates you to prepare your body to take the next steps of being physically active! Start swapping those sugary sodas, sugary iced teas, or any other unnecessarily calorie-filled drinks for water. Lots of sweet or carbonated drinks contain crazy amounts of sugar, excess calories, and unhealthy ingredients. It’s also highly beneficial to drink plenty of water throughout each day!


I’m definitely guilty of having a sweet tooth. Sweets are something I easily crave. Making the choice to grab some of my favorite fruit instead of that bowl of ice cream, cookies in the jar, or candy bar definitely made me realize just how bad and sluggish junk food truly made my body feel. The natural sweetness from the fruits also satisfied my sweet craving!


Even the slightest change of opting for grilled meat, fish, or vegan meats made the biggest difference over time. Cutting out the greasy heavy foods helped prevent the feeling of being sluggish, and cutting oily foods even helped clear some of my acne!


If you’re trying to cut calories or monitor your carb intake (carbs are not entirely bad for you, they are a vital macro-nutrient as well), substituting that loaf of bread that comes with your meal, those french fries or mashed potato for some leafy greens will definitely provide the proper pathway for getting the benefits that they offer. Order the side salad! Another huge easy trick I wish I learned sooner is to throw spinach or kale into your fruit smoothies. It’s an easy way to get in your greens without tasting them!


With a whole lot of patience, discipline, and gradual changes, you’ll be on your way to a healthier eating style. I’m sure along the way you will slowly start to feel better, more energized, and truly be curious to start doing your own research into different healthy recipe ideas, benefits of various foods, and developing a genuine appreciation for the nutrients food gives your body. It’s quite the process that will come with its struggles, but remember that you can always get right back on track and you should strive for progress over perfection.

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