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5 Trending Fall Pieces You Need to Elevate Your Style

1. Wellies

I bet you didn’t know that that’s what they were called until now. I mean, I definitely didn’t find out the proper term for them until right before writing this blog post! In the United States, these are often called “Wellingtons” or most commonly known as the traditional rain boot. However, this style of boot has been all over my social media feeds in the most gorgeous of fall-toned colors.

Your first reaction to the thought of rain boots might be, “Ew, those clunky things?” However, many fashion companies are adjusting their style and turning them into a sought-after sleek boot with a more slender fit around the ankle and leg with a stylized bottom.

Stylizes the bottom soles come in:

  • Chunky for an edgy look
  • Platform soles to make you stand out
  • Heeled for a comfortable take on high heels

Brands have been marketing them to be a classic yet functional everyday look for fall. They’re a waterproof boot made of rubber or plastic-like rubber material and the matte colors give them an effortlessly chic look. Add them to your wardrobe to achieve the whimsical look of the hill country attire of England, the classic businesswoman look, or just a fun day of dancing in the rain.

2. Blazers

Blazers are the pinnacle of a timeless wardrobe staple piece to have. From the offices of businesswomen to the streets of the city and stylized streetwear they’ve been through it all. Younger generations have gotten their hands on this clothing item and let their imaginations sore with styling them.

They come in many styles:

  • Classic with shoulder pads:
    • Personally, I think this is very old school and too much of an “old granny” look, but if you want to rock it, go for it!
  • Oversized and Relaxed:
    • A relaxed fit shows that they can be styled in a casual or comfier manner and attracts the younger audiences. A go-to style for these are edgy and are usually paired with biker shorts and some chunky combat boots.
  • Belted and a dress:
    • You heard that right. They come in longer lengths and are worn as dresses too. Don’t feel like wearing pants? Now you don’t have to.
  • Cropped and playful:
    • This is the perfect way to take an older classic piece and add a youthful twist to it.

3. Pleather anything

Other than it being a functional item to actually keep you warm in the cooler months, pleather items never fail to make headway during this season. From pleather shorts, leggings, joggers, jackets, and coats you are bound to find a way to style these pieces. Keep your eyes open for this versatile fabric to ensure you’re current with the season!

4. Button Downs & Shackets

Button downs are also a very versatile wardrobe staple piece. They can be worn as your actual top or worn unbuttoned on top of another shirt. My favorite way to style them is on top of another shirt with a blazer layered over it so the collars of the button-down and blazer line up. The most recent trend is the “Shacket“. It’s the perfect warm, fluffy, and soft outerwear piece to layer on top of your outfit and keep you warm on colder nights. If you need something to add an instant touch of classy or business attire, it’s time to pull out your button-down!

5. The Dad coat

Nowadays you’re considered cool if you pull some old clothes from your parents’ or grandparens’ closet. This aesthetic has been coined the term of being “vintage” and has given tremendous value to these pieces that were otherwise previously overlooked and unwanted. Did you ever consider pulling out your dad’s coat from his closet? The “Dad Coat” refers to the long length and massive size of a trench-style coat. It appears to be too big for you as if you took it from your dad’s closet. These coats draw much attention as they are the focus piece of the outfit, come in many bold patterns and colors, and also recycle the style from ypast.

Hey there! It's no doubt that a cup of iced coffee (or 3) and fun and stylish outfits make life a whole lot more fun since the coffee adds just a little extra excitement to the outfit picking process… or a little hyperness depending on how much caffeine you had! It's definitely no doubt that I love expressing myself through fashion and my daily outfits. It's a way I love to inspire others to be confident in how they want to present themselves each day. My love of coffee has definitely gotten me through to my junior year of college here at UTSA. I'm a Business Marketing Major, so connecting with other talented individuals is something I very much enjoy. Let's not forget the daily workout for our self-care time and a healthy meal to fuel our day! If you want to grab a cup of coffee (I'm probably already drinking mine) and stick around, I can't wait to connect with you more!
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