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Aliya Karimjee

Toronto MU '26

I'm a second-year Journalism student passionate about fashion, women's rights, wellness, film and the arts & culture! I've written in previous campus publications such as CanCulture, the Eyeopener, and the Society of the Creative School. I have also done some social media work with StyleCircle and the Tall Chair, as well as my summer job at the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition as a social media manager.

I love to dress according to how I feel each day! Most of the time, it has to be a slay because every day is a fashion show and the world truly is our runway, as per the famous quote. My identity has always been surrounded by fashion, the arts, and my culture. For reference, I'm French Canadian and Gujurati.

Can't wait to write with Her Campus! Yooopidoodles! :)