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Aarushi Ankita

Delhi North '26

Aarushi Ankita is a Chapter Member at the Her Campus Delhi North Chapter, where she contributes her skills to the Editorial team. Beyond her involvement with Her Campus, Aarushi is a second-year Psychology student at Daulat Ram College. She further extends her influence as the content writer for her college's Gender Champion Cell, where she passionately advocates for gender equality and inclusivity. She is also an engaged member of National Service Scheme and Eartha, actively participating in initiatives aimed at improving society through both written and practical contributions.

Outside of her academic and social pursuits, she has received intensive training in Bharatanatyam and playing the piano. She is an avid viewer of acclaimed series such as "Breaking Bad" and "Fleabag", showcasing her appreciation for compelling storytelling. She loves to read books and literature which has naturally led her to cultivate her own writing skills.