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SAVOURING TRADITIONS: An Ode To Family Gatherings

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

As the first hints of November scatter autumnal hues of orange and red, a familiar sense of excitement begins to permeate the air. In India, this change in season heralds the onset of the Diwali season. With this comes the promise of family gatherings. Our homes transform into a buzzing hub of activity. It’s as if we step into a time that we’ve always known and longed for.

The eccentricities of family members come alive during these festive gatherings. My grandmother, a seasoned matriarch with a keen eye for tradition, orchestrates the festivities with military precision. Her dedication to maintaining culinary legacies passed down through generations is awe-inspiring. The recipe books, tattered and stained from years of use, take center stage. It’s an unspoken rule that they must be consulted before each dish preparation. We cherish our family secrets more than national treasures.

The aunts, united by a shared bond of good-natured sibling rivalry, take charge of the kitchen. Each believes her version of a dish reigns supreme, and they embark on good-natured (and occasionally heated) debates. The culinary battleground becomes a place for laughter, love, and the aroma of spices that dance like forgotten memories.

And then there are the cousins, those sly creatures who have managed to grow taller and more mischievous every year. They come prepared with endless tales of their antics, though some find it hard to peel their eyes away from their screens, seemingly disinterested in the ongoing family drama. Yet, there’s a shared nostalgia in these stories, as we remember our youthful misadventures, passing knowing glances between generations.

The festival table, laden with dishes that represent centuries of tradition, is our time machine. With each bite, we are transported to the past, hearing the echoes of laughter and conversations from years gone by. The flavors are not just culinary; they are emotional, connecting us to our roots and each other.

As we gather around the family table, it’s impossible not to feel the weight of history. It’s there in the eyes of my grandmother as she observes her family, in the laughter that rolls from one generation to the next, and in the stories shared between bites. The table, a humble piece of furniture, becomes a vessel that carries us back and forth through time.

Amidst the vibrant festive feasts, we rediscover the joys of togetherness and the exquisite sweetness of life. It’s in these moments that we’re gently reminded of our quirks and eccentricities. They are the threads that make our family a unique masterpiece and prove that our connection is timeless. This symphony of flavors mirrors our family gatherings during the festival season—a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and spice, a recipe that never goes out of style.

As the final festival of the season draws near, a bittersweet emotion washes over us. The twinkling lights begin to dim, the decorations are carefully packed away, and the enchanting aroma of festivity gradually fades away. It’s the moment when we bid adieu to the family table, our cherished time machine, knowing it will be stowed away until the next season.

However, it’s within this sense of loss that we discover the promise of renewal. While the festival season may draw to a close, the memories we’ve lovingly woven around the family table remain evergreen, awaiting their annual resurrection.

The family table is more than just a place to share meals; it’s a sacred space where we exchange stories, laughter, and dreams. It’s a reminder that as our tastes evolve, our love for one another remains a constant. These little rituals become the backbone of our traditions. And each year, we add a fresh layer to our ever-evolving family story.

Aarushi Ankita

Delhi North '26

Aarushi Ankita is a Chapter Member at the Her Campus Delhi North Chapter, where she contributes her skills to the Editorial team. Beyond her involvement with Her Campus, Aarushi is a second-year Psychology student at Daulat Ram College. She further extends her influence as the content writer for her college's Gender Champion Cell, where she passionately advocates for gender equality and inclusivity. She is also an engaged member of National Service Scheme and Eartha, actively participating in initiatives aimed at improving society through both written and practical contributions. Outside of her academic and social pursuits, she has received intensive training in Bharatanatyam and playing the piano. She is an avid viewer of acclaimed series such as "Breaking Bad" and "Fleabag", showcasing her appreciation for compelling storytelling. She loves to read books and literature which has naturally led her to cultivate her own writing skills.