6 Super Easy at Home Winter Workout Moves

Did you know that experts recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week? Luckily for many of us college students, a decent amount of that moderate exercise can be fulfilled by simply walking to class or choosing to take the stairs. But what about the rest of that moderate exercise? In the winter, no one wants to drag themselves to the gym when it’s freezing outside. But do not worry, not all workouts have to be done at the gym. These few moves can be used together or separately every day. They may already be part of your daily routine. If they aren’t, you will probably love them and implement them into your life permanently. Seriously, you won’t even know your exercising! So use these six easy moves to get the perfect winter body.

1. Cabinet Calf Raises

Raise your arms above your head and get on your tiptoes. Grab the Oreos from the cabinet. Repeat until the Oreos are gone or you feel shame for eating literally an entire sleeve. Perfect for toning your calf muscles!

2. Mug Curls

This one is for your biceps. Bring a bowl-sized mug of hot tea to your face, sip, set down. Repeat as necessary. (Coffee or hot cocoa can be used as a substitute for tea per personal preference).

3. Netflix Plank

Reverse plank on your back and hold until Netflix asks if you are still watching. Say yes. Hold plank again. Repeat until you need food.

4. Leg Press

You can’t skip leg day! Lay a heavy blanket over your legs and block out the winter cold. Hold as long as needed. This move works best on a couch or poofy chair.

5. Book Yoga

When you close yourself off from the frigid outside world, pass the time with book yoga! Simply find your favorite book and settle in on the couch to read. Inevitably that position will become uncomfortable and you will move from position to position to try to be able to read comfortable. Continue until you finish the book or end up upside down and give up on being comfortable. The bonus to this one is that you will also be exercising your mind!

6. Sauna Time

Unwind and detox from your workout with an at-home sauna. Get into your steaming hot shower and stay there contemplating life until the water runs cold.

Good luck! Make sure to stay hydrated.

What is the perfect winter body, you ask? Your body in the winter is the perfect winter body! Whether you love to work out and be fit, or you prefer workouts like this one, as long as you are healthy, happy and being the best you that you can be, that is all that matters. So whether you end up doing “book yoga” or actual yoga, enjoy what you do!   

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Katie, a Senior at VCU, is majoring in International Studies focused in European studies and is minoring in both Spanish and Writing. She credits all success and sanity to dry shampoo, The Arctic Monkeys, and chocolate. Her favorite things include argumentative essays, pitbull puppies (or really any puppy), and spring. Katie hopes to one day get paid to travel the world and write.

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