Staying Healthy: Mind, Body, & Spirit


Students are so focused on academics and of course their weekend festivities which sometimes takes a whole week to recover from. Most students think that “unwinding” and “de-stressing” includes beer pong, drinking all weekend, hangovers at football games, and recreational drugs.

Now, of course students are in college to experiment and to party, but there comes a time where we should “unwind” and “de-stress” in a healthy way. Taking care of our mind, body, and spirit really allows for overall better health.

As midterms have passed and finals approach, take advantage of the snow and cold weather to stay inside. Snuggle up to a good movie while you work on homework with a hot cup of apple cider.

Here are some healthy, productive, and positive unwinding ideas:

  1. Try at least 5 New Yoga Poses

You don’t need to do anything that hurts, or that you don’t feel confident doing. Simply do poses to stretch, improve flexibility, and de-stress. Find more poses here:

  1. Drink Tea-Especially Green Tea

Green tea has so many wonderful benefits! Besides the fact that it relaxes you after a long day, studies show that green tea improves metabolism, decreases risks of cancer and heart disease.

  1. Have a Spa Night with your Girls!

Being around friends, with a glass of wine or even pizza and soda, having a spa night will allow you to relax, laugh, and pamper yourself! Have everyone bring their nail polish to share colors, look up different homemade facial masks on Pinterest, & stick in a good movie…maybe even Magic Mike?

  1. Hit the Gym!

If you are stressed to the max, and frustrated with classes and work, throw on your running shoes and hit the rec! Let all your aggression and the whole semester out at the rec, even if it’s your one and only time at the rec!

  1. Pinterest

Now, I don’t always recommend sitting in front of a computer or laying in bed with a laptop glued to your lap, but I’ve found that after a long day on campus and work, Pinterest is all I need! I absolutely LOVE finding new recipes to try for the upcoming week or finding DYI cheap clothing ideas

I hope these few ideas can help when finals come! Remember; surround yourself with positive people, allow yourself to de-stress in healthy ways, and don’t keep everything inside! Allow yourself to talk to friends about the stress you are experiencing. Happy studying!



I am majoring in Native American Studies with a minor in English. I hope to return to reservations in Washington and Montana to improve education and give the desire to strive for a better life. I enjoy writing (Fiction), reading, hiking, and the ocassional couple hours of Pinterest! :)

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