• Semi-Healthy Dorm Food Essentials

    Though all freshman here at Tulane are required to be on a dining hall-heavy meal plan, we simply can’t eat there every single time. Here’s...

  • A Beginner's Guide to Voodoo Fest

    If you bought a ticket to Voodoo, the time is almost here. If you didn’t buy a ticket, you'll definitely want to stay off of Snapchat this...

  • Treat Yoself Post-Midterms

    Midterms are done, and it is time to congratulate yourself and treat yoself. Here are at Her Campus, we received our Back to School...

  • 21 Little Happy Things

    A few months ago, my dad shared an article with me written by Joe Posnanski about certain small everyday occurrences that bring him joy. I...

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