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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

Whether it be your first job or fourth internship, searching for work in 2023 can be quite daunting. For college students, particularly, it can be difficult to find realistic options that cater to your interests and needs in such a competitive environment. There are so many resources for finding and securing internships online, but I recognize that it is overwhelming even just finding a point to start. If you find yourself relating to this sentiment, do not feel hopeless! There is an influencer on TikTok whose entire brand is dedicated to helping students struggling in this way— Internship Girl.

In the age of social media, there are a few questions that cannot be answered in some way with a Google search. Figuring out where to start looking for internships is no exception, but search no further! Avalon Zborovsky-Fenster, known to social media as “Internship Girl,” has an entire online brand that was created to meet the needs of college students seeking intern positions around the country. Avalon is a first-generation Junior at Barnard College of Columbia University, majoring in Political Science and dual-minoring in Philosophy and Science, Public Policy, and Ethics. She has intern experience with a myriad of businesses and institutions, including Intel, Verizon, the United States Senate, and the House of Representatives, to name a few. Her studies hone in on the intersection between technology, law, and ethics, with a particular focus on issues of AI, privacy, and sustainability. Avalon is also involved in numerous on-campus organizations at Barnard and currently serves as a University Senator on Columbia University’s Senate as the sole representative of 3,000 undergraduate students. This experience, along with the rest of Avalon’s qualifications, make her not only a valuable spokesperson for students seeking internships in our generation but also a practical expert on the subject. Avalon’s social media presence ranges across different platforms and is particularly apparent on the app Tik Tok, which is where she initially gained her following. Her content includes resume-building tips, highlighted job opportunities, sample cover letters and emails, and personalized information for followers who take the initiative to meet 1-on-1. Her passion for helping others, along with such abundant experience with internships and fellowships, has driven Avalon to build her brand not only to push forward her own goals but also to empower other students like her across the globe. If you ask me, everyone could learn a thing or two from Avalon, even aside from the internship front, and those in need of direction should absolutely check out her content. 

These days, hearing back from an internship you applied to can seem impossible, let alone securing an offer. College students globally are accepted and rejected by companies on such a regular basis that the internship search itself can feel so overstimulating to become involved in. If you’re looking for genuine, educated, and well-intended advice, check out Avalon’s page— it can’t hurt, and who knows, maybe you’ll find your dream internship along the way. Good luck!

Hi everyone! My name's Bri and I'm from Philadelphia. I'm a Tulane student in the class of 2025 and I'm majoring in Communications with a double minor in Psychology and Strategy, Leadership, and Analytics. I love to write and I'm excited for another year with the Her Campus team!