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Sophia Tarquinio

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Trending: Festival Fashion for the College Girl’s Budget!


It’s unavoidable, the festival girl is everywhere! And in perfect timing with the warm weather setting in! But don’t get discouraged, you don’t have to go to festivals or concerts to channel your inner festival girl fashion! This spring and summer we’ll be seeing a lot of her trends on the streets, and here is how you can create your own festival wardrobe without spending too much, collegiettes!
Whether it’s a pair of plain, distressed, dyed, or patterned shorts, these bottoms are key in your festival outfits and should make a statement! And don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, neons, and other colors in your look; sometimes it’s the busier the better! Pair your shorts with any crochet, cropped, or tattered top, and accessorize with anything and everything! Start with layering a mixture of long and short necklaces and stack on those rings, cuffs and friendship bracelets. Go wild with hair accessories; wear floral headbands, turbans, and hair wraps, even put real flowers in your hair. Protect your eyes with a statement pair of shades, and grab a fringy bag to hold everything.There are no rules in festival fashion so this is your chance to wear anything you’d like!
Here are some different shops (shorts, tops, dresses, and accessories) for you to use as inspiration and a basis for creating your one-of-a-kind look.
The Short Shop

The Scoop About Our Bentley Fashion Consultants


On Wednesday afternoon I sat down to a wonderful Seasons meal compliments of Christiana Pulice (thanks for the swipe!) to talk about the Bentley Fashion Consultants! Christiana is the Public Relations Chair and was able to give me some great insights into what the club is all about, some of their upcoming events, and their great social media outlets! In her own words she informed me that the mission of the BFC is to be a resource for girls at Bentley to help them dress fashionably in the business world. The BFC also organizes events to help girls interested in fashion find a job in the industry! (More on that later). Here are some of the points Christiana and I spoke about; I had a lot of fun learning about this club and I hope you guys will, too!

Membership Structure: BFC is organized into 3 committees: PR, Events, and Blog/Editorial.
1.    PR:In the public relations committee, club members learn how to use the PhotoShop application (my personal favorite program!), are responsible for creating flyers for each event that the BFC holds, and updates all of their social media sites. They have just recently launched their twitter, (@bentleyfashion) and tumblr ( sites, which the PR committee is responsible for keeping current!

Where Am I? Bentley Edition


Pay attention, Bentley collegiettes!

Do you know where this photo was taken on campus?

If you think you know, leave a comment. We'll reveal the mystery location soon!

Where Am I? Bentley Edition


Pay attention, Bentley collegiettes! 

Do you know where this picture was taken on campus?

If you think you know, leave a comment. We'll announce its mystery location soon!

Fun with Free People!


Many of us are familiar with the Free People clothing brand (one of the sister stores of Urban Outfitters) and have grown to absolutely love it, but did you know your local FP store does more than just sell amazing clothes? That’s right: each month Free People stores hold a different event in their store ranging from raffles, crafts, giving gifts with purchases, and more!
In honor of Valentine’s Day, Free People in the Natick Collection held a super fun DIY V-Day craft party this past Saturday. The craft was too cute-Fabric gift tags to add to your Valentine’s gift or to give alone. It was such a sweet idea and a charming addition to any gift! The Free People blog lists 3 additional, adorably enchanting Valentine’s Day crafts that were held at other locations, and instructions on how to make them. Although Valentine’s Day has passed, you can totally put your own spin on them and make them fit any occasion! Check them out here! FP Natick also gave out a gift with purchase- felt potpourri-filled hearts to hang in your car, bedroom, closet, or anywhere!
Here are some pictures from the DIY event. It was an awesome activity to do on a Saturday afternoon, and seriously, what girl wouldn’t want a fun excuse to go to the mall?! So like FP Natick on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their monthly events, win prizes, craft up something amazing, and be notified about the latest arrivals!

A Pinch of Paige!


Some of you may know our very own HC writer and Bentley Junior, the lovely Paige Purdon. For those of you that don’t, you may not know that she is obsessed with baking and has recently launched her food blog:! So, if you love to check out blogs (especially food blogs), or feel like channeling your inner baker/chef, be sure to check out Paige’s tasty treats!

How good do these Almond Spiral Cookies look?

Mmm. Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Filling!

And these Gluten Free Peanut Butter Kisses!

For more pictures and recipes on how to make these delectable delights, check out Paige's blog here!

Photos From Our Friends Abroad Last Semester!


This semester we’ve been anxious to reunite with our friends who had gone abroad in the fall, and admittedly, a little jealous of their trip, too. A little? Let’s be honest, some of our besties were touring Europe and Asia like it was nothing while we were sitting in the same old classrooms taking GB’s and other “real classes” (ha ha) in the quite familiar city of Waltham.

So I’ve asked a few of those lucky people to share a photo from their trip with HerCampus so we could all see how amazing their trips were (and obviously get even more jealous).

Here is Laura Yate’s very own capture of The Great Wall just outside of Beijing, China! So unreal!

And here are Nata Pareja, Rachel Wang, and Monica Tshanakas at Il Duomo in Milan, Italy! Nata studied in Milan, Rachel in Barcelona, and Monica in Copenhagen. It’s awesome they we’re able to meet up!

Bryn Luttinger was in Budapest where she took this postcard-perfect snapshot! The architecture is absolutely stunning!

Here’s a photo from Natalie Belthoff who studied in Copenhagen. This is one of her favorite pictures from her visit to St. Petersburg, Russia!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


This Valentine’s Day, it’s all about making the perfect gift for your Valentine!
It’s no secret that handmade gifts show how much thought and effort go into making the perfect gift, so don’t worry about trying to buy a gift and hoping your Valentine will like it because a heartfelt DIY gift is just what he or she will love!
Here are some great DIY gifts that are fun to make, can be given to him or her, and are guaranteed to please!

1. Now, of course at least one of these DIY’S has to be a sweet spin on something traditional! Get to your girlfriend or boyfriend’s sweet-tooth with these delicious Heart Shaped, Candy-Coated Cupcakes!

 Follow these instructions to learn how!


2. Feeling a little craftier? Give these Felt Fortune Cookies a try! You can get super creative with any messages, mini- games, or treats you put inside!

Click here to learn how!


3. Treat your girl or guy to a picnic with this Valentine’s Day inspired picnic basket perfect for a romantic date and a great excuse to get out together for some one-on-one time!

Texture, Texture, Read All About It!


It's that time of year again, so put away those tanks and cutoff shorts and whip out those layers and Fall boots! But, what's different about this year? You guessed it, texture!

Here are a few textures that are hot in stores and will add a sassy flare to your -Fall wardrobe!


For all you conventional dressers out there, you can still rock some rad texture while not stepping too far out of your comfort zone! Cords are big this Fall, in muted shades, deep green, mauve, taupe, mustard, and rust. Cords are super comfortable and the best part is, you can find them almost anywhere! What’s that? Already got yourself some chords? Shake it up with a fabulous corduroy blazer!