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Real Life College Guy: Random Hookup Help!?



Dear Real Life College Guy,


What’s the normal “I’m not crazy” protocol after a random hook-up?  Do I ask for his number or should I wait if he asks for mine?  Should I text him first, and if so, when?  Is a Facebook request legit or creepy?  What happens when I see him randomly on the street?



What Do I Do Now?


Dear What Do I Do Now,

Random hook ups in college aren’t exactly uncommon. Sometimes they end up only being one-night stands, and there’s nothing particularly wrong with that. However, there’s always a chance that it could actually develop into something more.

If you meet a guy that you’re interested in, it’s always a good idea to swap numbers early on, especially if you’re getting the same vibes from him. In most cases, it’s not that weird to ask for his number, but timing is important. If you wait until the morning to ask for his digits, it definitely suggests you’re interested in future encounters, which might make the guy feel uncomfortable if he isn’t on the same page. So to avoid the potential awkwardness, try to swap numbers before things get steamy.

According to the unwritten laws of texting, guys are ALWAYS supposed to text girls first. I can’t really say I agree with that  – there is nothing wrong with a girl being the one to start conversation. Generally, I adhere to the “2-text rule”. If he or she hasn’t responded to your initial text, it doesn’t hurt to send a second one, depending on the situation (sober or drunk, day or late night, etc.) Anything past two texts is certified clingy and desperate, straight up.

Humor: why making us laugh might get you further than spending hours getting ready


As I watched the Oscars Sunday night, it only further confirmed my love for funny girls. I’m not talking about stand up comedians or anything scripted, but rather the spontaneous, unrehearsed, quick witted girls. Jennifer Lawrence embodies this unconventional sense of humor that makes her so incredibly desirable. I mean, what other actress can trip at the Oscars, accept an award, and call herself out for a mistake that would frazzle other actresses? 

She is perfect because she knows she is not and wants the world to know it is ok to be a little bit crazy. Yes, she is absolutely gorgeous, but so are millions of other girls.  She has this magnetic personality that we aren’t accustomed to seeing in other starlets. Just check out some of her interviews if you don’t believe me.

Thats enough of my Jennifer Lawrence rant...for now. So what can you do to exude some of this happy-go-lucky carefree attitude?  

1) Stop taking yourself so seriously.

No one takes you as seriously as you do. You are your number one critic, so just tell her to take a hike. You will overanalyze every action and comment you make, so take a break from that. In the grand scheme of things, one stupid thing you did or said won’t really make a difference (unless you are Jennifer Lawrence and it helps skyrocket your fame). As comedian George Carlin says, “Don’t sweat the petty things, but also, don’t pet the sweaty things.”

2) Don’t be afraid to be the punchline.

I think what we all fear the most is being the punchline of someone else’s joke.  It can hurt and momentarily, you might look like a fool. This is where the quick wit comes in. Be the butt of your own joke. This shows people that you aren’t uptight and can see the humor in a situation, even if your misfortune is the humorous part of the situation.

3) Don’t be afraid to speak what is actually on your mind.

A (Real Live College) Guy's Perspective: Ladies and Beer


I don’t know about you guys, but I live for the weekends, and the appropriate weeknights. We’re in college. We’re here for our studies, but we are also here for the social aspects. This includes going downtown, partying on campus, going to events and everything in between. So for all of you ladies who are 21, have an older sister who looks eerily similar to you, or dropped $100 on a seriously flawed ID so you can get into the Daq Shak, this post is for you.  

What do you like to drink?

Actually, this post is not about what you like to drink, but what you should be drinking. Beer. A girl drinking out of a beer bottle, or can, is sexy. In my mind, it shows that you can just hang out, you aren’t high maintenance, and you have gotten this concept that hard liquor doesn’t have any calories out of your head.  


I once had a conversation with a girl while she made “the world’s best mojito.”  She told me that she doesn’t drink beer because of the calories as she poured a few tablespoons of sugar and dragon berry rum into her glass (sorry for letting the secret recipe out). Just crack open a beer.

I’ve also run into girls who don’t like the taste of beer. I will say that, yes, beer is an acquired taste that takes a decent amount of practice to get acquired to it. Until that point, don’t go out and spend a load of money on beer if you don’t like it. Find a fellow cosmo drinker and split a case of bud light. Once you can get used to it, venture out and see what type you really like. You also have the opportunity to try out some new koozies. Nothing is better than a nice koozie.  

One last note, beer is a lot of fluid to ingest, so it is totally acceptable to rip a few shots. Until next time.

Real Live College Guy: Advice for Valentines Day


Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, in a long-term relationship, or just starting out, Eckerd's Real Live College Guy will be bringing advice and commentary from a guy’s perspective on everything from snap chat savvy flirting to friends with benefits and will even be answering questions. To have your question answered by our Real Live College Guy, write it in a comment below.

Well it’s about that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. Flatout, it is not on the top of our favorite holiday list. The top spots are reserved for holidays that we can eat as much as we want, there is booze involved and may have a gift exchange involved. This is no secret, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the one that we’re with. I personally love to take someone out to a nice dinner or give a gift for no reason. It’s the lack of spontaneity that surrounds the day and the pressure to try to make the day special that lands Valentine’s Day on our low priorities list.  

I’m going to let you in on another secret now. Well, it’s not really a secret, but guys don’t know what’s going on in your mind. We think we have a pretty good idea, but then you throw a curveball and we land on our asses. You know exactly what you want and you have expectations. Odds are, unless you tell us we won’t live up to them and where’s the fun in that?  It just doesn’t add up in my book.