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A (Real Live College) Guy’s Perspective: Ladies and Beer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Eckerd chapter.

I don’t know about you guys, but I live for the weekends, and the appropriate weeknights. We’re in college. We’re here for our studies, but we are also here for the social aspects. This includes going downtown, partying on campus, going to events and everything in between. So for all of you ladies who are 21, have an older sister who looks eerily similar to you, or dropped $100 on a seriously flawed ID so you can get into the Daq Shak, this post is for you.  

What do you like to drink?

Actually, this post is not about what you like to drink, but what you should be drinking. Beer. A girl drinking out of a beer bottle, or can, is sexy. In my mind, it shows that you can just hang out, you aren’t high maintenance, and you have gotten this concept that hard liquor doesn’t have any calories out of your head.  


I once had a conversation with a girl while she made “the world’s best mojito.”  She told me that she doesn’t drink beer because of the calories as she poured a few tablespoons of sugar and dragon berry rum into her glass (sorry for letting the secret recipe out). Just crack open a beer.

I’ve also run into girls who don’t like the taste of beer. I will say that, yes, beer is an acquired taste that takes a decent amount of practice to get acquired to it. Until that point, don’t go out and spend a load of money on beer if you don’t like it. Find a fellow cosmo drinker and split a case of bud light. Once you can get used to it, venture out and see what type you really like. You also have the opportunity to try out some new koozies. Nothing is better than a nice koozie.  

One last note, beer is a lot of fluid to ingest, so it is totally acceptable to rip a few shots. Until next time.

The Real Live College Guy

Some girls have all the fun; Devon Elizabeth Williams happens to be one of them. A carb loving, liberal hailing from Lakeville, Massachusetts, Devon is a senior at Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida pursuing a  major in Political Science with a double minor in Journalism and International Relations. After spending January 2011 in an intensive Winter Term program at the United Nations in New York, Devon realized that taking over the world will be more difficult than anticipated, but nothing that a vivacious red head in stilettos can’t handle. In her free time Devon is a bartending beauty queen who has a soft spot for blueberry pie, Broadway and the scheming antics of Blair Waldorf. When she’s not paddle boarding at the waterfront or laying out on Eckerd’s private South Beach you can find Devon singing in the alto section of the concert choir. At the end of the day Devon is thankful for Newport, RI, her family, Sadie the black lab, Paul Mitchell, her girlfriends, Cheetah, and rhinestones.