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Leila Durmaz

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Valentine's Day Specials in SLO


Spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetie or your best friends? Enjoy a night out with the people you care about over the best eats San Luis Obispo has to offer.

Kyle Genevay




Name: Kyle Genevay 

Year: 2015

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Murrieta, CA

Relationship Status: Single



What’s your favorite food? I like hot wings. Hot wings are good.

What are your favorite hobbies? I like being active – playing soccer, going to the beach, I like surfing now, I like snowboarding – I want to snowboard a lot more. Going on bike rides is also fun. I used to like to build legos. I also like to listen to music, to sleep, and hang out with my friends. I like laughing, is laughing a hobby? 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I’m not sure where it’s at, but there’s some place in a Twilight movie that looked pretty dope. Where they go on their honeymoon, it’s just like they have their own little lagoon to themselves. That place looks pretty nice, I want to go there. 

What’s one thing you can’t live without? My friends. 

Where do you see yourself after you graduate? Well, hopefully get some sort of good paying job and then get a family together. Hopefully have a girl by that time.

Blonde, brunette, or red head? Blonde. 

Turn offs: Basketball shorts on girls, when they’re buffer than me, lazy girls, and when they eat with their mouth open – that pisses me off.

Winter Trends in Downtown SLO


As soon as the chilly air hits and rain pours down, it seems like everyone throws away their style and opts for Cal Poly sweaters, jeans, and rain boots for class. While comfort and staying warm is definitely important during the colder months, looking lazy isn’t the way to go. Upgrade your style this winter to the top trends without sacrificing the warmth and comfort your Cal Poly sweater brings you.




Prints and Patterns. With winter comes gloomy days, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress in dark-colored clothing. Instead, embrace the colors you wore in the summer and wear great patterns. The fall 2012 runway during Fashion Week featured some really great prints and patterns that can be found in your favorite clothing stores; you just need to rock them. Though it may be winter, floral patterns are still huge so there’s no going wrong with floral printed leggings, jeans, or embroidered tops. Urban Outfitters located on Monterey Street has a huge selection of all the aforementioned, so there’s no doubt you’ll find a pattern that you love. 








Stay Healthy This Year: The Basics



5 Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Closet


Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to prepare! Costumes are undoubtedly one of the
best parts of Halloween, but buying one can put a serious strain on your college budget. So instead, get
creative and create a great-looking Halloween costume this year, with pieces from your own (or your
roommates’ or housemates’) closets. Here are some ideas to help you

1. The Orbit Girl         

This is an easy, fun costume that anyone can pull together quickly and pull off nicely. For this costume, you’ll need an all-white outfit: a white skirt, shorts, or jeans; your favorite white top; and white shoes.

Grab a thing scarf to wrap around your neck, preferably blue, like the Orbit Girl herself. Carry around a pack of Orbit gum so that if anyone asks who you are for Halloween, just pull out your
pack of Orbit and flash your glistening smile.

2. Honey Boo Boo

Why wouldn’t you want to dress up as this seven-year-old beauty queen for Halloween? It’s the only excuse for you to take on a Southern accent and yell “a dolla makes me holla!” throughout the streets of Hathway.

For this fun costume, make sure your hair is perfectly curled, put on some fake eyelashes, and put on a little – or a lot – more blush and lip gloss than you usually would. If you kept a frilly pink prom dress, this is the perfect time to pull it out of your closet and flaunt it.

Prints, Pleather, Peplums, Oh My!


We’ve all done it: we’re sitting in class watching everyone walk in and you notice that one girl with the killer outfit. You can’t help but envy that great leather-accented maxi skirt she has on and how fashion forward she looks.

This quarter, forget the girl with the beautiful skirt because you’ll be the one that girls will be jealous of after a quick fall closet update.

With fall quarter progressing at full speed, it’s a good time to take a much-needed break and incorporate fall’s best fashion essentials. So here’s a rundown of the perfect fall pieces you need to have in your closet this season:

1. Color, color, color
This season, embrace the colors of the wind with burnt oranges, lots and lots of burgundy and red, beautiful blues, rich teals and greens, and eggplant purple. You can’t go wrong with any of these colors, so try to throw some into your outfit every day. For nail polish, try deep blues, greens, and gold in metallic and dark grays to keep your nails in style.

2. Peplums
It’s fall’s must-have silhouette. Pick up a peplum top and pair it with jeans for a look fit for class or with a skirt for a night out. If you like your sweatshirts and blazers, try a peplum jacket or coat – it’s more flattering than a blazer and definitely more flattering than a sweatshirt. Peplum jackets and tops instantly give any outfit fun and fashionable dimension.

3. Knit sweaters
Who doesn’t love comfy, knit sweaters in the fall? They’re always a fall staple, but this fall it’s all about having volume. Opt for a loose-fitting sweater in any color and pattern you please.