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  • Andy Neiblas -2014

    Name: Andy Nieblas Class: 2014 Major: Geology Hometown: San Clemente, CA Relationship Status: Single What do you look for in a girl? I'm...

  • Alex Chavarria -2015

    Name: Alex Chavarria Year: Freshman Major: Undeclared interested in anthropology and history Hometown: Los Angels, CA Age: 18 Relationship...

  • Nola Vlasek -2015

    Name: Nola Vlasek Year: Freshman Major: Pre-Nursing Hometown: Sacramento, California Age: 18 Relationship Status: Single What is something...

  • Jared Cassidy - Class of 2015

    Name: Jared Cassidy Year: Freshman Major: Business Administration Hometown: Newport, California Age: 20 Relationship Status: Single What do...

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