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Fabiola Orozco

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Sabina Paudel '14


If you have ever been to a multicultural event on campus or you’ve needed help checking out a book at the library, then there’s a very big possibility you’ve seen the bubbly Sabina Paudel. This weeks Campus Celebrity has been taking our international community by storm. Her warm smile has done wonders in making all of our international students welcome with not only her support but also her friendship. Paudel has been able to bring people of all faiths and cultures together, inspired by her own cultural background to be a role model to one of SAU’s missions, to be a culturally diverse campus.

-What is your major and year in school?

I am a senior and Spanish major, biology minor.

-Your hometown?

I am from Davenport, IA but my ethnicity is Nepalese.

-What organizations are you involved with at school?

I currently haven't been able to involve with any club right now due to busy schedule but I would just love to join Arabic table, Spanish club, and interfaith council. I was in Spanish club and interfaith council last semester and I enjoyed a lot. Interfaith council we talked about our religion. There were students from different countries and I got to know many of them very well.

-How and why are you so involved with our international students?

Cheers from London!: Final Week



I have to start with my excitement for spring! I only have a little over a week left in beautiful London, and I never imagined saying “I'm hot!” in London...until now! London has been wonderful in its stereotypical weather. That picturesque image of London's streets on a cloudy rainy day was mostly always on during my stay here. It was fun watching the locals using umbrellas when it snowed because apparently London doesn't get much snow and this year was the first year it snowed so much in a long time--although the snow never sticks to the ground much. Our program director joked and told us that if it snowed the city would practically be shut down, and I was surprised to learn he was right. Snow fall would send people scattering home and rushing on the streets for cover. They had no idea what to do with themselves, and now that it is nice weather and sunny, Londoners are getting a little taste of what we Midwesterners always get, “spring fever.”

Oh yes, you know what I mean! After having a long cold and dark winter we all crave for the sun on our skin once again. And just as soon as the temperature starts rising and with spring right around the corner we get restless of our winter wardrobes and being indoors. In my internship, my co-workers have been spending their time doing their work, but glancing longingly out the window, and all of the students practically run out the door for a walk when the professors give us a break from our three hour creative writing class. All of this sounds familiar to us, right? There really isn't that big of a deal for us, except that I got to see London in the springtime. I can't even believe I got to do this opportunity at all.

Cheers From London!: Fashion and Paris



Living and studying in London has been incredible, but I think we can all agree that for most girls the chance to go to Paris would be a dream come true. Well collegiettes, my dream came true!

I was in the City of Lights, one of the most romantic cities in the world for a whole weekend. But with only three days in beautiful Paris it didn't seem like enough time to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Yet, I was still able to see why the French are masters of something we all wish we were capable of pulling off--my time in Paris helped me see what chic really means.

It's definitely something that can't really be explained with words. The people in Paris dress beautifully or as they would say here in London, smart. I was so fascinated with their style, and shocked at the differences in style for Paris and London. For one thing, I've always understood that cityfolk, especially those from big cities, have always been more trendy than the average person. London has been no exception. Style is something that is totally unique to one person, and no one seems to care what you wear as long as you wear it with confidence. There's people dressed nicely like girls in skirts with tights, ruffled blouses, and cardigans with oxford shoes. Then there are those dressed in tight little dresses with sky high heels, and those with bright blue hair, leather, and studs. Whatever the person is wearing is meant to make a statement.

Cheers From London!: The Ballet



The day I arrived in London I felt like I stood apart from the crowd. In my mind, I looked very American and moving to a big city for the first time in my life wasn't helping. A little over a month later, (yes I can't believe I've been here for over a month too) I realized I was so naïve to have thought that. There is so much diversity here and in every way imaginable from accents and ethnicity to fashion, and social class--anything you can think of, London has it.

But, I've never felt so out of place in my life as I did at the ballet.

A few nights ago I went to the ballet at the Royal Opera House in London with some of the students in my program. I had previously expressed my interest of going to a ballet, and they surprised me that morning with an extra ticket for me. From all the things I would like to do during my time in London, going to a ballet was one of them. I just think that with being in a city with a prestigious arts background, it would be silly if I didn't immerse myself in that culture. So far, I'd only been to several plays in London and I thought a ballet and a musical were next on the list. I was so excited to learn my dream was coming true, and so there I was, making my way to the venue later that night. I felt so good and happy about doing something new. It's a feeling I've had nearly every day, but this was different. I knew going to a ballet would be a big deal, so I was wearing my Sunday best. We all decided to get all dressed up for the occasion, and as we walked around Covent Garden where the Royal Opera House is, my excitement was building up too much! For one, I love Covent Garden. It is such a fun place to be at with all the street performers, high end stores, and the hip and young scene. So many times had I walked around Covent Garden and admired the colorful energy of the place, but I was finally going to go inside the opera house since before I could only admire it from outside.

Cheers From London!: Introduction



Greetings from London, my lovely friends!

I'm pleased to announce I will be blogging especially for you all the way from London for the whole semester. I'm still in denial, so bear with me. I've been here for about three weeks now and I still cannot believe I am here. Each day that goes by I am just in awe of my surroundings as I walk the streets of London. It's such a charismatic city, and my experiences have surpassed any of the expectations I had before coming to London.

I believe one of the reasons why I still can't grasp the reality that I'm in  London is because of how difficult it was for me to be here. I applied not expecting much because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it, but after all of my struggles to find funds for my trip it paid off. My journey here has had its highs and lows. It was like a roller coaster so that when I was high at the top it was because my future in London was promising, but when it was low it was because my time here would never happen.

Now that I'm here, I've taken nothing for granted. And I feel like I observe everything around me and truly appreciate everything this city has to offer. I'm so excited to bring you all coverage with my adventures in London!

What To Do On Your Winter Break



The calm after the storm. That is exactly what winter break is like for any collegiette after finals.

There's only one week left of school for finals, but what can you do this winter break?

Nothing. Oh yes, that is the life! Don't do anything, well not really nothing, but you get the gist. Wake up late, go to bed late, hang out with friends, and relax. It's been a tough semester, and a little “me” time is perfectly acceptable. If there is something you've wanted to do but couldn't because of school, then now is the time to do it. Go on a little vacation, knit that sweater, become a fitness junkie, clean your room because, seriously, how many of us have blamed it on school?

Maybe doing nothing isn't your thing. Or you are so used to doing something you won't know what to do with yourself. If that's the case, then think about an internship.

It's a Time to be Thankful



Thanksgiving is finally here!

Ladies, time between now and Thanksgiving break feels painfully slow! It’s only a few days but they are just dragging on. Plus, it feels like all of our professors don’t really want to let us go softly. Oh no! They continue to pile on the readings, projects, and tests. Yeah, they must also get a laugh at reminding us that the dreaded finals are approaching. Fear no more, my lovely friends! You need a pep talk. Keep your eyes on the prize! The work now is grueling but in a few days we will be free…at least for a few days. Change that anxiety and instead be grateful!

Be thankful because we get a FULL week of break (can I get an AMEN?). How many universities give their students a whole week off for Thanksgiving? Not even high schools or elementary schools give so many days off. If they're lucky, they get three days. Sleep in, hang out, watch movies, shop, or even go for a hike! This break is for YOU! Enjoy it doing the things you love that you usually can’t do.

Be thankful Thanksgiving is an excuse to be with family. It’s one of those days of the year where it is absolutely necessary to be with family, friends, and loved ones. School, work, Facebook, soccer practice--they are all so easy to get caught up on. It’s nice to relax and have fun with those who love you once in a while. So take advantage that almost everything is dropped for this big day, and enjoy the company!

Be thankful we get to eat to our hearts content without being judged (even though we all feel a little dirty for eating the whole platter of brownies…okay maybe it’s just me). We can use this feast honoring the holiday as an excuse to stop counting calories for once and actually enjoy every bite!

What You Need to Know About Dating Violence



The audience sits in silence. Every face is grave with wide eyes. Each person is shocked and overwhelmed to hear the story of a girl. This girl was stabbed about 60 times by her ex-boyfriend Mark when she was only 15 years old in Bettendorf, Iowa, and the story was told by her own mother.

Vicki Crompton-Tetter stood in front of an audience of about 70 people. She looked strong and confident as she gave every detail of her daughter, Jennifer Crompton’s relationship with her boyfriend. With such grace and determination it was a shock to all to learn she is the mother of a murdered child. Crompton-Tetter has become a dating violence expert. She’s been a speaker at schools, on Oprah and the Today show, and even co-authored a book “Saving Beauty from the Beast.”

“My grieving was overwhelming and now I’m an advocate,” she said.

Her strategy for her outreach at SAU was different from usual advocate and awareness speeches. She relied on few facts and statistics, and instead won over the audience with the real deal. She opened the listener’s eyes by putting a face to the problem of dating violence and the consequences. Her daughter was killed in 1986. Crompton-Tetter says one in four people were in an abusive relationship at that time. She says the numbers aren’t getting any better. Today, one in three relationships revolves around physical abuse, and one in two are in emotional abuse.

She urges people to recognize redflags in a relationship. Crompton-Tetter goes quiet for a while and lowers her gaze. She softly says they never expected this to happen, but that now she sees there were definitely red flags in their relationship.  Jennifer kept many aspects about the relationship a secret. She says the main thing was control.

“Mark’s behavior was, 'I own you,” she said. She says the relationship started like puppy love.

Helping Out For Hunger Week


It's that time of the year again!

The leaves are golden and orange. The temperature starts to drop, and it's Hunger Week! We have an Ambrose tradition to help the hungry and promote social justice. We are kept terribly busy, but there are still opportunities to help those in need. Nothing warms up the soul more than doing some good community service by taking action.

The advantage we have are all the Hunger Week events held on campus. It's easy, fast, and very convenient to donate for the cause. Show your support by attending at least one event and bring your friends along. With all the options there is something for everyone.

The atmosphere makes these events a big winner. Students are attracted to volunteer, but it's the socializing that makes these events so popular. There are many ways to help. Promote the event, donate food, money, and even your muscles to help collect and pack the food. There isn't the need to go off campus, and there is no long term commitment since it's only once a year.

Local pantries are also a great way to get involved. Volunteer to help pack food and distribute food baskets to the recipients. The holidays are coming and churches deliver holiday food baskets to those in need. Give your time and volunteer with a soup kitchen. Share your culinary skills for a good cause or if cooking isn't your thing you can help clean the kitchen and wash dishes. Of course, there's always the best job, which is serving the food. You get to do your part and see first hand whose lives you're impacting!

Sarah Ohm, '13


She’s not your typical senior!

This week’s Campus Celebrity is senior Sarah Ohm from Wichita, Kansas.

Her hands are full juggling campus activities such as Residence Life, Greenlife, Campus Ministry, and Student Physical Therapy Association. She’s double majoring in exercise science and pre-physical therapy.

 “Except not really pre anymore because I’m in grad school for it now--although I am still a senior,” Ohm said.

It’s no wonder she says she’s a fan of any break Ambrose gives. She’s practically fearless! (Well...except for cars...)

"Those things are scary. Think about it."

The aspiring physical therapist couldn’t live without a good book. She is 100 percent sure of her dreams of becoming a physical therapist.  Her plans after Ambrose are very clear to her. This determined collegiette has her mind set on her goals.

 “I keep it simple,” she said.

With the election soon approaching aren’t you interested in what Ohm would do if she was president?

 “I’d probably throw a sick party at the White House!” she said.

In the Oval Office she’d also bring important laws to the nation.  For example, by outlawing tights as pants.

“If those things were meant to be worn as pants, they would be called pants,” she said.  "Its pretty simple logic. Only exception to this rule is jeans."

Wise words from our amazing campus celeb this week, Sarah!