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Erica DeLoera

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Stores Oklahoma Doesn't Have but Should


            Many Oklahomans like to spend their weekend making a shopping trip to Dallas, or spending an entire break from school in the bigger city, filled with many more shopping options. While some may be irritated at the fact that they have to drive three or more hours to find their favorite pair of jeans or an outlet that is non-existent in Oklahoma, some actually think this may be somewhat of a good thing.
            When asked what she thought of Oklahoma not having stores such as H&M and Neiman Marcus, Alex Butsko, a junior from Dallas majoring in Biological Sciences stated, “At first I thought it was inconvenient and kind of backwards, but I’m sure it’s better for preserving history and the state of nature.”

            Jasmine Proctor, an OSU senior majoring in Apparel Merchandising said, “I think that Oklahoma is proving to have a solid, fashionable consumer market. With a new luxury retail outlet just opening, along with Anthropologie and other specialty stores at Classen Curve in Oklahoma City, H&M would be successful and with more city growth, Neiman Marcus would eventually be too.”
A list of stores that Oklahoma does not have as opposed to Dallas or other bigger cities includes:

Neiman Marcus

Bergdorf Goodman American Apparel Papaya Urban Outfitters Betsey Johnson


Road Map to College for High School Students


           This is the time of year when high school students start receiving acceptance letters from different universities. Congratulations on taking the first big step toward becoming a college student! However, there may still be a bit of confusion among those who are clueless about what to do next. Here are a few tips that will be helpful in guiding you through this process:
1.) Apply for FAFSA: This stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Whether you think you will receive financial aid or not, this is a big must! Although it may seem a bit tedious, this process is extremely important. Once you have submitted your FAFSA, the different universities you choose to send this information to will notify you of the financial aid you have qualified for, including loans. You can choose to accept or deny these awards, depending on your financial needs. This is a first-come, first-serve basis and everyone is completing their applications around this time, so try to complete this application as soon as possible!
2.) Choose your dorm, roommate, meal plan (if your school offers this option) etc. Do not stress too much if you do not know who you want your roommate to be. I roomed with someone I did not know my freshman year and we got along great! And even if you do not get along with your roommate, you can always switch dorms if you speak with your residence hall assistants.
3.) Enjoy your time with friends and family if you are going to a university away from home. You will be homesick once school starts so take advantage of the summer after high school to enjoy time with your loved ones.
4.) Do not stress if you are undecided about your major. Trust me! There are more important things to worry about. There will be plenty of guidance and support for choosing a major once you get to college.

5 Spring Time Fashion Trends


1.)   Color blocking: this trend has been around since last spring/summer and continues to be a popular trend. Have fun pairing up different bright colored pieces!
2.)   Orange and tangerine are definitely in for this upcoming season! I know you see orange all around campus every day, but have fun with this color and dress it up for a night out as well!
3.)   Although bold prints may also be in, another major trend is low-key pastel colors. You can easily make your outfit pop by adding a bright piece of jewelry with your classic, light colored outfit.
4.)   Colorful Camo: I know camo print just sounds and looks weird sometimes but if you choose the proper colors, it could be fun! Designers, Derek Lam and Lela Rose prove my point below:
5.)   Peplum skirts, dresses, and shirts. Ruffles are back with this 40’s vintage look. Wear this style with your favorite pair of heels for a feminine, flirty look.
Try out any of these basic tips for the spring season and your outfits are sure to pop in any setting!

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift


Getting engaged during the holidays has become a popular trend. This is the time of year where families and friends gather and celebrate the joy of life, exchange gifts and partake on vacations together—perfect for this moment! Now, unless you are the soon-to-be bride and busy planning the wedding details, you are probably a friend of this future bride, but still wondering about the perfect wedding gift.
I have always been a fan of monogrammed gifts. A picture frame with the bride and groom’s initials, a pillowcase with their names on it, bedding, pretty much anything! Personalizing these gifts makes them that much more special. Of course, wedding registries make it easier to choose a gift as well but if you want to give something unique, personalizing it is the way to go. Another idea is to have a picture frame signed by the guests at the wedding or by the bride’s closest friends.
Making a wedding gift basket is also a good idea. Instead of sticking to just one item, you give them all in one. You can also get creative and wrap the basket in many different ways.
Below are a few gift ideas to for you to get started.
Gift Ideas
• Bride and Groom pillowcases
• Mixing bowls
• Bath towels
• Wine rack
• Spice rack and spices
• Cookbooks
• Bathrobes
• Coffee maker
• Quilt
• Down pillows
• Linens

Dress for Success: Interviews


You have antomorrow and you have done your research on the company, your resume is ready to go, you have practiced various interview questions in front of the mirror, and you could not be any more prepared. However, you are still wondering what you should wear or if what you picked out would be appropriate for the interview that will possibly determine your future career.
 Here are a few basic tips that will make it easier for you:
1.)     Wear neutral colors: You want to go for the classic, simple look and neutral colors such as black, grey, and white always look more professional.  This also applies to hosiery, shoes, and jewelry.
2.)    When in doubt, go the conservative route:Do not wear anything that is too tight or too short. If you really want to wear a shorter skirt, make sure you wear hosiery. Otherwise, skirts should hit right above the knee.
3.)   Have good hygiene:Make sure your hair is clean and your nails are neatly manicured. Once again, avoid bright colors. If you wear nail polish, make sure it is a light color, almost clear.
4.)   Shoes:Choose a pair that is easy to walk in. Do not wear anything extravagant or too fancy. A pair of clean, sleek black low heels would be perfect and go with anything.
5.)   Ditch the purse, carry a portfolio:A portfolio must carry extra copies of your resume on resume paper, your business cards, information about the employer in case you need to refer to it, extra notebook paper for you to take notes, and the questions you will ask during or after the interview. If you really need to take a purse with you, make sure it is not too distracting for your outfit. 

Study Abroad Opportunities Are Closer Than You Think


            Have you dreamed of traveling overseas? Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, and Germany are just a few of your choices. With the study abroad programs that OSU has to offer, your possibilities are endless!
            We have experienced what it is like to live in an entire different country that speaks a completely different language.

5 Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman


1.)   Jobs on campus are a plus!
·      I did not work my first semester here but I eventually found a job on campus that I absolutely love! I have learned many things that I could apply to my future career in different aspects. When we have downtime, I get to do schoolwork as well.
2.)   The Freshman 15 DOES exist
·      It is way too difficult to balance your diet while in college and not everyone has the time or motivation to exercise as often. There can be plenty of excuses as to why you cannot workout but since studying may be the biggest excuse, take your study guide with you to the Colvin and hop on the elliptical while reviewing your notes for your exam. Or better yet, if you do not want to miss that next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, instead of sitting at home watching it, take your headphones with you to the gym and watch the show while cycling on the exercise bike.
3.)   Find a mentor
·      Finding a mentor or mentors can be extremely helpful throughout and even beyond your college education. Finding someone that possesses your dream job or someone that inspires you will be beneficial to you when it comes to making career decisions. This will be your go-to person when it comes to questions about classes, professors, career advice, personal issues or anything else that may arise.
4.)   Visit with professors during their office hours   
·      They have office hours for a reason, so take advantage of them. This will be your opportunity to get to know your professor so that when you are concerned about your grade or you need a letter of recommendation, you can talk to them confidently without that awkwardness in between.
5.)   Finally, the most important: Build up your resume!

Fabulous Fashionista Jasmine Proctor