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Stores Oklahoma Doesn’t Have but Should

            Many Oklahomans like to spend their weekend making a shopping trip to Dallas, or spending an entire break from school in the bigger city, filled with many more shopping options. While some may be irritated at the fact that they have to drive three or more hours to find their favorite pair of jeans or an outlet that is non-existent in Oklahoma, some actually think this may be somewhat of a good thing.
            When asked what she thought of Oklahoma not having stores such as H&M and Neiman Marcus, Alex Butsko, a junior from Dallas majoring in Biological Sciences stated, “At first I thought it was inconvenient and kind of backwards, but I’m sure it’s better for preserving history and the state of nature.”

            Jasmine Proctor, an OSU senior majoring in Apparel Merchandising said, “I think that Oklahoma is proving to have a solid, fashionable consumer market. With a new luxury retail outlet just opening, along with Anthropologie and other specialty stores at Classen Curve in Oklahoma City, H&M would be successful and with more city growth, Neiman Marcus would eventually be too.”
A list of stores that Oklahoma does not have as opposed to Dallas or other bigger cities includes:

  1. Neiman Marcus
  1. Bergdorf Goodman
  2. American Apparel
  3. Papaya
  4. Urban Outfitters
  5. Betsey Johnson


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