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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

Getting engaged during the holidays has become a popular trend. This is the time of year where families and friends gather and celebrate the joy of life, exchange gifts and partake on vacations together—perfect for this moment! Now, unless you are the soon-to-be bride and busy planning the wedding details, you are probably a friend of this future bride, but still wondering about the perfect wedding gift.
I have always been a fan of monogrammed gifts. A picture frame with the bride and groom’s initials, a pillowcase with their names on it, bedding, pretty much anything! Personalizing these gifts makes them that much more special. Of course, wedding registries make it easier to choose a gift as well but if you want to give something unique, personalizing it is the way to go. Another idea is to have a picture frame signed by the guests at the wedding or by the bride’s closest friends.
Making a wedding gift basket is also a good idea. Instead of sticking to just one item, you give them all in one. You can also get creative and wrap the basket in many different ways.
Below are a few gift ideas to for you to get started.
Gift Ideas
• Bride and Groom pillowcases
• Mixing bowls
• Bath towels
• Wine rack
• Spice rack and spices
• Cookbooks
• Bathrobes
• Coffee maker
• Quilt
• Down pillows
• Linens

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