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Study Abroad Opportunities Are Closer Than You Think

            Have you dreamed of traveling overseas? Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, and Germany are just a few of your choices. With the study abroad programs that OSU has to offer, your possibilities are endless!
            We have experienced what it is like to live in an entire different country that speaks a completely different language.

Erica:I studied abroad with the OSU business college (Spear’s School of Business) and obtained credit hours that counted towards my degree. I got to visit three different countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland. We had a wide range of possibilities as to what we wanted to do during our stay. We only had class in the mornings and we had the evenings and 3-day weekends to enjoy our trip. I truly enjoyed my experience as it gave me a more open mind and made me more comprehensive about the culture of other individuals.

Stephanie: During my freshman year I was thrilled about the idea to study abroad and was more than certain that I was going to make it happen during my sophomore year. However, by the time that I made my decision, the deadline for the OSU reciprocal exchange program was up. Well, I did not give up and found an affiliated program (International Studies Abroad) that offered a program during my sophomore spring semester. This was the perfect opportunity because the deadline for the programs application was still open.  So, I applied, got accepted, booked my flight and was ready to pack for Madrid, Spain.

My experience abroad was the best thing that ever happened to me. I got to internationally network and meet amazing new people, experience a different lifestyle and culture, try new foods. The list is endless. 
There are many other students that have embarked on this experience as well. When asked what encouraged her to study abroad, Jasmine Proctor stated, “My college initiated my interest in studying abroad. As a freshman in Design, Housing, and Merchandising, American Intercontinental University (AIU) came to one of my classes to discuss their fashion courses offered through their program. From there, the importance and unforgettable experience of studying abroad remind ingrained in my mind.”
Another student that got the opportunity abroad is Denysse Chavez. When asked about her Italian experience and what she considered the most memorable, she said, “It was all memorable, but the MOST memorable was when I was in Sorrento, Italy, because the people were really friendly and I had the best Italian food.”  

Going overseas can be a challenging process and there might even be times when you get frustrated and feel like giving up. Denysse agrees that “all the hard work and preparation will be worth it in the end”. 
For more information on OSU’s study abroad programs, scholarships, and contact info, visit the link:
Also, you may stop by the OSU Study Abroad Office or contact them directly:
The Study Abroad/NSE Office
Oklahoma State University
005 Classroom Building
(405) 744-856

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