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Colleen McCarthy

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Meet the Court: 2013 Homecoming Queen Candidates


Name: Pooja Shetty

Year: 4th year

Hometown: Austin, TX

Major: Architecture

Organization you represent: Sigma Kappa Sorority

Why you are running: A lot of people keep asking me what I will get out of being Homecoming Queen. My answer? The honor of knowing that others felt that I embody what it means to be a Northeastern Husky. I make time to be involved, manage my heavy architecture workload, and keep a positive attitude no matter what I’m going through if it means putting a smile on the faces of my fellow Huskies. I am a first-generation American, came all the way from Texas to go to school here, lived abroad, worked my first co-op, and have given back to the Boston and Northeastern communities. The best part of being in royal court so far has been people’s reactions upon learning I’m running for homecoming queen. Knowing that there are people who think I’d “make the perfect homecoming queen,” or “got so excited” when they found out I was running has meant the world to me even if I don’t end up winning. Also, helping my sisters and I win second place in trivia using my knowledge of obscure Northeastern facts was great :)

Best Northeastern Memory: My summer as an orientation leader in 2012! I got to work with some of my favorite people in the world, AND helped usher in a new generation of Huskies.

Fun Fact: I live life on the Kristen Bell scale.

Connor Doherty


Name: Connor Doherty
Year: Middler (Class of 2016)
Major: Communications/Housewifery
Hometown: Beverly, MA

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For Your Blog?
I first came up with the idea for my blog when I was in my co op class. As I was sitting peer reviewing resumes, I realized I had no real job experience or desirable skills. I knew that if I wanted to be a stronger candidate and qualify for writing jobs I needed to impress employers and show initiative which I thought I could do by creating a website. By creating a blog, I could write as many articles as I wanted to and publish them whatever I wanted to. Then I decided to ask a few of my very hilarious friends with strong writing backgrounds to join me because I knew that if I wanted to make this website into a real thing I would need all of the support I could get. And that’s how “Is This Why I’m Single” was born.

Where Does The Name Come From?
At first, we had no idea what we wanted to name the blog. We wanted it to be something simple and easy to remember. We also wanted our blog name to encompass who we were as writers: single, socially awkward but funny individuals. So we settled for “Is This Why I’m Single”, mostly because it was an available name, but also because we thought it captured the awkwardness and self loathing that makes the blog so funny and relatable.

Lizzie McGuire Life Lessons


Zetus Lepetus! Maybe I’m just nostalgic but today’s Disney Channel is just not on the level of what it used to be. Seriously, A.N.T. Farm? What is this a center for ants? How can we expect to teach children to read if they can’t fit in the building?  Maybe most lovable was our life guru of the early 2000’s Lizzie McGuire.  Lizzie was an awkward, average B student who was called out for being an outfit repeater and ripped down the curtains at Graduation. Yet she was still way cooler than us as she got to go to Aaron Carter’s “Party” (Remember the Duff vs. Lohan feud over dating Carter?) and date Frankie Muniz before he got ugly/irrelevant.  Aside from cartoon Lizzie only having four fingers on each hand, everything else about her was so fetch. She rocked the bedazzled bellbottom jeans flawlessly, her hair was like an ongoing arts and crafts project (from crimped to braids galore to colored clip ins) and this was pre-Hilary Duff veneers so her teeth did not scare me. I wanted to be her and tried my hardest to do so by investing in choker necklaces and rhinestone everything. Basically, I saw her wearing army pants and flip-flops so I bought army pants and flip-flops. I may have gotten rid of my rhinestone t-shirts and crimping iron but I have not thrown the life lessons Lizzie taught me.


1.     Sometimes Friends Grow Apart or Lose Touch.

“That’s Kate Sanders. She used to be our other best friend until she bought a bra,”

Dear Boy Bands, You Are My Fire, My One Desire: The Top 10 Boy Bands since the 90’s


Once upon a time my cell phone broke. It had endured a lot of painful days in its lifetime including a two-story fall from an elliptical to the ground in the Marino center (true story), yet survived. It was not an Iphone or even a smartphone, but it clearly had extraordinary powers. It finally kicked the bucket in the wee hours of a library all nighter when it fell from my pocket as I climbed a set of stairs due to the ground floor bathroom being closed for cleaning. But, really, why is this relevant? Because of this nightmare, I had to take a hand-me-down phone from my eldest sister. Little did I know she had all these annoying ring tone and sounds set to not only scare the crap out of me but also induce public embarrassment. The most memorable was during a club awards ceremony where, as the room fell silent, the sounds of New Kid’s On the Block’s “The Right Stuff” came blaring from my pocket with their moaning of “Oh Oh Oh”.
I was taking this walk down memory lane as I read a headline that New Kids on the Block plans to reunite again with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men for a summer tour. Sorry New Kids, but after you reunite for the 5th time it isn’t called a reunion. It means you are a bunch of middle aged men singing a chorus with 29 Oh’s in it (Yes I counted) and calling yourself kids.

Jordan Archer, Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultant


Name: Jordan Archer
Hometown: Hollister, CA (no affiliation with Hollister Company!)
College: University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!)
Major: Sociology, American Studies
Job title: Leadership Consultant for Sigma Kappa Sorority

What made you join Sigma Kappa?
The population of my hometown was smaller than that of my university, so I went through recruitment looking for connections and opportunities to get involved on campus. Throughout the recruitment process, Sigma Kappa really stuck out to me as the right fit. The women I met in Sigma Kappa showed me what leadership opportunities the sorority would provide for me, and also made me feel so at home. It's the best decision I've ever made!

What were your fondest memories of Sigma Kappa during college?
The biggest takeaway from my collegiate experience in Sigma Kappa was the sense of friendship and sisterhood. I developed a tremendously supportive group of friends who always had my back, and still do to this day. One memory that really demonstrates that sisterhood is Bid Day during the fall of my sophomore year. The chapter took the new members rollerskating to celebrate joining Sigma Kappa. I had skated for about an hour, and had gotten within a few feet of the bench where my shoes were when I fell and broke my ankle. The rink did not have crutches and since I couldn't put any pressure on my ankle, my two best friends had to serve as human crutches and help me walk to the car. It was painful but stands out as a symbol of the support I received throughout my four years in Sigma Kappa.

Holiday Playlist: Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear


Rejoice Collegiettes! You can now stop hiding that Christmas Pandora playlist on your browser for it is now socially appropriate to sing and listen to Christmas music out in the open. Just take a moment to bask in the holiday warmth. Starbucks and Dunkin released their Holiday cups, a couple snowflakes have fallen and tree lightings are among us but unfortunately so are finals and loads of stress. Instead of making snow angels for two hours, going ice skating, and eating a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie dough as fast as you can, right before snuggling, you’ll probably be getting carpel tunnel from flash-card making and paper typing. Fear not: this is why Holiday music was invented and its powers are bigger than you or I. As you could maybe tell, I love all things Christmas (I may or may not have been a Candy Cane for Halloween) and I need to share my joy. Therefore I have compiled a playlist so cheerful even the biggest Grinch Hipster who hates all things commercialized will find their heart growing three sizes bigger.

1.Snow Globe- Matt Wertz
This singer-songwriter definitely deserves more acknowledgements. After one listen of his original holiday song, Snow Globe, you’ll soon find yourself singing along with the la la la la’s and wishing you too lived in the magical land he describes in song. Preferably I think we can all agree it should be with a nice southern man in red footie pajamas who bakes you cookies (watch the video and understand). Listen here

6 Thanksgiving TV Episodes to Watch This Break


Apparently, it isn’t socially appropriate to fully embrace the Christmas spirit yet. My attempts to spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear were not well received, and my roommates have banned Christmas crafts ‘till after Thanksgiving. Whatever, Grinches. So I have all this Christmas cheer and nowhere to put it. Therefore, I decided to get excited for a holiday that is appropriate to celebrate right now: Thanksgiving. Of course there is a lot that is special about Thanksgiving: being with family, pie, the Thanksgiving Day parade, mashed potatoes, sales-galore for Black Friday- and most importantly pumpkin everything. Many families have their own traditions, but there isn’t really much to do to prepare except get your fat pants ready right? Wrong. Thanksgiving happens to be a Holy Grail for Television shows. Some of the best episodes are devoted just to Turkey Day. I decided to pick the best six so that while you are getting your fat pants all stretched out and broken into, you can also learn some really lovely Thanksgiving-y lessons.

How I Met Your Mother’s Guide to Keep Life Legend… Wait For It…Dary


If you are anything like me you have those TV shows where the characters feel so real that you almost consider them your friends. Every Monday night I spend a half hour with Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lilly in MacLaren’s Pub (Seriously…they barely ever go to work) or on the Streets of New York. I laugh, I cry and not so secretly hope that my post collegiette life will be exactly like theirs. While the characters on the show may not actually be real many of the life lessons they learn are. Here is the top 8 that I think many collegiettes can relate to.

1)Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM

When Robin invited Ted over in the wee booty call hours of the night, nothing good came of it. This will always be true. So look at your life and look at your choices before you send that text message or leave the party with a guy whose name you don’t remember. Just go to sleep… in your own bed.