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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Sabotage Their Relationship

Today, we’re talking about the zodiac signs most likely to sabotage their relationship. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate shares which three signs are most likely to sabotage their own relationship.

It’s one thing when a jealous ex or needy friend tries to sabotage your relationship with your SO, but have you ever found yourself digging your own grave? After all of the energy you put in to manifest love, and then to study up on the love languages to nurture it, it may seem unbelievable that it would crumble under your own hands. 

But when it comes down to it, some people may be so scared to see things go wrong that they trigger the explosion themselves. Nobody wants to sabotage their own relationship, but some people just can’t help themselves.

Read on to see which three zodiac signs are most likely to sabotage their own relationship.


According to astrologer Linda Furiate, Aries will aggressively pursue what they want and won’t take no for an answer. But because of their need to come first, “Jealousy may get the best of them when they feel slighted by their partner, who may not extend the same level of attention,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “Anger or emotional outbursts may fuel their behavior, often pushing away the very person they may want.” 


This moody sign may be a little too impulsive for their own good. “Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and like the ocean tides, one may never anticipate the wave of emotion displayed by this watery crab,” Furiate says. “One moment they may be loving, affectionate, and quite clingy.” But without warning, they may retract into their shell and slam the door firmly closed. 


The dreamer of the bunch, Pisces wants a soul mate that share their inner world. “Pisces may quickly fall in love and dream of the most idyllic romance, often creating a vision of perfection,” Furiate says. “This can make it impossible for the partner to realistically live up to [their] ever-changing emotional expectations.” And when Pisces becomes intoxicated with the idea of love, they may overlook the indications that a relationship isn’t suited for them.

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