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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Forget Their Partner’s Birthday

I hope you didn’t forget what day it is! Today, we’re talking about the zodiac signs most likely to forget their significant other’s birthday. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate shares which three signs are most likely to completely blank on their partner’s birthday.

We all have those days: you wake up, you clean your room, make some breakfast, and go about your day as usual. But it always feels like you’re forgetting something. You check your pockets, your bag, in-between the seats of your car, and constantly refresh your calendar before realizing…crap…it’s my partner’s birthday, isn’t it?

Maybe you’re the type to calendar in everyone’s birthday, or set an alarm to remind yourself as soon as you wake up. But maybe, you’re the type to find events like birthdays lost in the constant chaos of life. Even if it’s for someone as important as your S.O.

But hey, life gets hectic. We get it. But don’t forget to keep reading: here are the zodiac signs most likely to forget their partner’s birthday.


In true air-sign fashion, this Neptune-ruled sign has a tendency to think too far into the future. As a result, their significant other’s birthday might sneak through the mental cracks.

But don’t worry! The thoughtful Aquarian will always make up for their mistakes, even if they hate admitting their wrongdoings: “From an intellectual standpoint an Aquarian will know in their heart the importance of putting their S.O. first and for honoring a special occasion. Aquarius tends to think far into the future and at the same time they forget the here and now. In their own unique fashion Aquarius will find a smart way to make up for what is perceived as not remembering their S.O.’s special day,” Furiate tells Her Campus. Don’t worry, Aquarius, I’ll forgive you!


Fire signs are no stranger to a chaotic lifestyle. And sometimes, the adventurous Sagittarius can find themselves right in the center of it. Often juggling multiple things at once, it’s not unlikely for them to forget things along the way: and that could very well include their S.O.’s birthday.

“The more a Sag can put on their over booked scheduled the happier they appear to be. Unfortunately, with so much going on, they tend to overlook the fine print and various details of day-to-day tasks, such a remembering that it’s their S.O.’s birthday,” says Furiate. “Always wanting to be the life of the party and to make their partner smile, Sag will joyfully and willingly find the perfect moment to celebrate.” I know I can always count on y’all to make my day special…even if it’s a little late.


Finally, the dreamy and imaginative Pisces is known for getting a little lost in the clouds. And while their romantic and idealistic personalities are great for making people feel special, this may also give them tendency to be a tad forgetful.

“Pisces may feel as though time has a way of creeping up on them. Living by a calendar is not their strong suit,” Furiate says. “Pisces may become lost in a sea of imaginative thought and totally lose track of the outside world. When they happen to forget their S.O.’s birthday, their sensitive nature may be filled with guilt. The thought of letting someone down will guide them to create a fantasy filled do-over.” Don’t cry! How could I be mad you, Pisces?! You can forget my birthday anytime, you little sweetheart, you (that is, until next year)!

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