Why Breaks for Self-Care Are So Important In College

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Everyone benefits from self-care. It’s important. For way too many of us, though, we find ourselves running from class to class or meeting to meeting without taking a second to breathe, pause, and think about our needs. We just get so busy.

College is motivating, it’s challenging, it’s game-changing, and it’s so, so much fun. But college can also be stressful. And we get it. We’ve all been at that point in the semester where you really don’t know how you’re going to get it all done. It becomes easier to not text your friends back, to not go on the new, exciting adventures all around campus, and to not find time to do the things that make you happy.

Because we know you deserve a break, we’re bringing the ultimate study break right to UCLA and LMU (but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a student to come hang!) The best part? It’s 100% budget-friendly — you can get special offers when you use Apple Pay. What’s not to love about $1 specials from GrubHub, ClassPass, and Apple Music?

Yes, it’s as dreamy as it sounds. Get ready for a totally interactive, totally immersive two-day experience. Bring your iPhone and meet us right on your campus. Take advantage of all of the games, self-care stations, and all-around Instagrammable moments we’re building just because we like you that much.

From a claw machine to giant Jenga, free GrubHub credits to massages, this is the perfect chance to grab your best friends and indulge in endless good vibes as you challenge each other to fun, unique games — and make lasting memories.

You can visit us on tour at any of the below locations and times:

  • 3/12 & 3/13 from 10-2 at UCLA’s Wilson Plaza
  • 3/19 & 3/20 from 10-2 at LMU’s Alumni Mall

RSVP to our Facebook event for the latest updates. We can’t wait to see you on the road! For more information about Apple Pay and how it’ll make it easier than ever for you to live your best life, head here for the scoop.