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What It’s Like to (Try to) Get in Shape for Summer

You and your bestie are determined to get beach body-ready this summer.

And you’re gonna be all,

Your friend suggests you try running, and you’re just like,

So you go to the gym instead, where you see people like:

And you’re just like,

So you start small.

And, before you know it, you’ll start to get the hang of things.

Hey, maybe you’re actually good at this!

You get excited and run around the gym using all the equipment like:

You’re going to become such a fitness buff.

Pretty soon, you’ll be “that girl” asking all your friends,

You walk home drenched in sweat, like,

…until the next morning, when you wake up feeling like:

And when your friend invites you to the gym the next day, you’re just like,


You were doing so well…

But now you just give up on exercising completely.

So you try to eat healthy foods in reasonable portions instead.

Until you see your friend nommin’ like:

And you’re all,

Okay, one small treat won’t hurt, right? 

But “one small treat” turns into:

And pretty soon the rest of your summer is basically:

And you don’t even deny it.

So embrace your laziness… until next summer.

Connie is a professional and creative writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently obsessed with pole fitness, pumpkin bread, and '80s fashion.
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