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V-Day Shopping At The Last Minute? Here’s What The Stars Want You To Buy For Your SO

If you are reading this article, it probably means that you still haven’t bought your partner a Valentine’s Day gift. I mean, what do you get a person who already has the best thing ever (AKA, you)? 

Jokes aside, the key to giving great gifts is knowing your partner, their energy, and their interests. Since it’s the season of love, think about why you love that person, and spoil them for all of those reasons. 

Gift giving can be hard, especially if you don’t do gifts frequently or if this is your first Valentine’s Day. It’s normal for you to feel some pressure. Don’t worry though, this V-Day, you can let the stars guide you to the perfect gift for your partner. 

Aries: Board Game.

Target, $15

Competitive is an Aries middle name. So, it’s only fair to challenge them to a battle ‘til the end with a fancy new board game. Cuddle up together and play Monopoly, the Game Of Life, or any other game while sipping on wine on the holiday and watch them try their hardest to make sure you get sent straight to jail, while they are passing “GO.” 

Taurus: Self-Care Kit.

Lush, $45

You know who will want to do something on Valentine’s Day? Taurus, of course! Ruled by Venus, this sign is focused on self-care, making this relaxation-themed set from Lush the perfect gift. Take all of the work out of it for them, draw the bath, and hand them some tea while they soak in a lavender haze. For bonus points, put their towels in the dryer so they finish their self-care with a warm towel. 

Gemini: We’re Not Really Strangers.

Urban Outfitters, $25

Want to get to know your Gemini a little better? The perfect solution is to make it into a game. This playful sign is curious and craves intellectual stimulation, so a game like We’re Not Really Strangers will let them learn about you, too. 


Cancers love the sentimental, so give them a reminder of your love. Find a cute frame and add your favorite picture together with it. Make it really sentimental by sticking mementos in the frame from your relationship like movie ticket stubs or boarding passes from trips together. 

Leo: Name Necklace. 

Mint & Lily, $45

Dramatic Leo comes oozing confidence in themselves, their taste, and their worth. And let’s be honest — there’s nothing a Leo loves more than some good ‘ol fashioned attention. Remind them that you also know how amazing they are with a custom necklace of their name.

Virgo: A new journal.

Urban Outfitters, $11

Virgos are kind lovers, but busy people. Since they are so organized, a shiny new (and organized) reminder to take some time for themselves is perfect. Gifting them a journal can remind them that they should slow down for a few minutes and organize their thoughts. 

Libra: Yoga Class

Libra is symbolized by the scales and they seek to find balance. So, give the gift of a yoga class so they can find physical balance, while strengthening the mental and spiritual balance within themselves. 

Scorpio: Partnered sex toy. 

We-Vibe, $65

Scorpios are a little freaky, and we love ‘em for it. Show your Scorpio that you love their spicy side by giving them a new vibrator, or another toy they’ve been eyeing up. Bonus points if you use it together: That’s what I call a win-win.

Sagittarius: An Adventure.

Since they are always seeking knowledge, gift your Sag an experience based on something they are interested in. If they love animals, take them to the zoo or aquarium. If they love art, spend the day at a museum or a theater. The possibilities are endless with this adventurous sign! 


Experience gifts reduce waste and let you spend time with the people you love! #sustainableholiday #sustainablegifts #ecofriendlygifts

♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber
Capricorn: A New Planner 

Anthropologie, $20

Caps are hard-working, organized, and focused. Gifting them a cute, high-quality planner is gonna take their goal-crushing skills to the next level. Make this petite, but perfect, gift into the perfect bundle with a new coffee mug for early mornings and some fancy pens. 

Aquarius: Crystal Candle.

Etsy, $12

The kindest of the signs, Aquarius is the little humanitarian. This means that you should be intentional about where you shop: Choose to support small businesses that are ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free when shopping for this sign. An amber crystal candle will add extra love to their lives while supporting a small, ethically-sourced business.

Pisces: Coloring Book.

Walmart, $11

This empathetic and creative sign often forgets about themselves — so, spoil your Pisces with reminders of self-care. This coloring book will help them calm down and take care of themselves while inspiring creativity. And don’t forget: Pisces are romantic, don’t forget to give them a little extra attention this V-Day. 

Julia is a national writer for Her Campus. While she writes for all verticals, her focus is the wellness section, bringing you everything you need to know about relationships, astrology, and the best ways to get down and dirty. Julia is a recent grad of Stony Brook University, where she studied journalism with a minor in women's studies. During her time at SBU, she was a VS PINK campus rep, and an active member of Her Campus @ SBU. When she isn't writing, you can find Julia reading a smutty romance novel, hitting up her local crystal shop, or thrifting with an iced oat milk latte in hand. She's a Capricorn (but you probably already knew that) and a practicing yogi.