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40 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Send Yourself That Are All Under $30

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love than by giving back to yourself? While it’s great to show love to others, it’s also important to show yourself some love. V-Day isn’t just reserved for celebrating romantic partners. You can also celebrate the day of love with your friends, family, or just at home doing some self-care. 

You don’t have to spend V-Day alone if you’re choosing to spend this holiday celebrating self-love. Practicing self-love can also be done with friends and family. This year, I’m spending this holiday with my closest friends for a Galentine’s Day brunch as a way to give back to myself. 

Surely gift-giving is not the only way to express love, but it may be easier for those who may find it hard to find the right words to express it. Everyone has a different love language. If your love language is gift-giving, then this is the right list for you.

V-Day is the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect on how you like to appreciate yourself and treat yourself to things you haven’t got around to getting! Here are 40 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can send to yourself this year.

Leg Warmers ($17)

Winter isn’t quite over yet! Look stylish while staying cozy in a pair of leg warmers.

Leather Jacket ($25)

A leather jacket is a wardrobe essential that’s fitting for all seasons. Feeling extra festive this year? Get yourself a red leather jacket like this WSLCN Womens Faux Leather Zip Up Motorcycle Biker Jacket.

Heart Locket ($10)

Heart lockets are timeless jewelry staples. I’m eyeing this John Galt Heart Locket Necklace.

Phone Case ($15)

Give back to yourself by protecting the things you work so hard for. A protective phone case is a perfect item to help appreciate your hardworking self.

Cardholder ($20)

A cardholder is very fitting for the cashless economy of today. It’s great for holding all those gift cards left over from the winter holiday season. 

Scarf ($25)

A scarf is another handy closet essential that can help you dress up an outfit. I think that this particular scarf can make any outfit pop. 

Pajama Set ($17)

What’s a better way to wind down after a long day than to relax in a cute pajama set? Nothing! 

Robe ($20)

This is the perfect gift to cozy up and relax in. 

House slippers ($20)

Walk around the house with comfy slippers. 

Fuzzy Socks ($7)

Fuzzy socks will never not be great gifts to give to yourself or others. 

Ring holder ($14)

It’s easy to lose dainty jewelry on your nightstand, but not with a simple ring holder. 

Heart-shaped ramekins ($2)

Heart-shaped ramekins are cute little dishes that can hold the delicious creations you make in the kitchen.

Mini vase ($5)

Put the flowers that you bought for yourself in a mini vase. 

Disposable film camera ($13)

Film cameras are great for capturing memories while also staying in the moment.

Mini photo album ($12)

A mini photo album will help you keep your memories tucked in safely, so you can look back at those sweet memories.

Candle ($15)

Candles can help your home feel more like a home. I’m dragging this Apothecary Clementine & Honey Scented Candle to my shopping cart for sure. 

Cheese board ($20)

This is a great gift for displaying your snacks, and it also looks great as a coffee table decor piece. 

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Set ($16)

Get to know yourself with self-reflection prompts from this card set. 

Crochet coasters ($14)

Say goodbye to ring stains on your coffee table with these cozy-looking coasters. 

Sunlight lamp ($20)

Light up your room with any and every color using this sunlight lamp.

Humidifier ($20)

A humidifier is another great gift for creating homey scents with the right essential oils. 

Phone stand ($10)

This is a perfect addition to your nightstand. 

Cable holders ($10)

Cable holders can help your desk look less scattered and more organized. 

AirPod case ($10)

Protect your AirPods while looking stylish with a cute case. 

Mini speaker ($20)

Blast your favorite tunes everywhere you go with a mini speaker. 

Laptop case ($21)

Start a new semester with a cute new laptop case.  

Reading light ($9)

This gift is perfect for people who are getting more into reading. 

Coffee mug warmer ($13)

Your coffee will never go cold again with a coffee mug warmer handy on your desk. 

Frother ($10)

This gift is perfect for latte lovers. 

Candle Lighter ($13)

This is for the people who get nervous about getting burned while lighting candles. 

Pimple patches ($11)

Pimple patches are good options for helping your skin recover from blemishes that pop up. These star patches are so cute! 

Gua sha tool ($7)

Level up your skincare with a gua sha tool to help relieve tension in your face. 

Kitten ear headband ($10)

This kitten ear headband can help you do your skincare routine without the fuss of your hair getting in the way.

Epsom bath salts ($6)

Treat yourself to an at-home spa with a bubble bath. 

Chocolate box ($12)

This is the perfect gift for people with a sweet tooth.

The Five Minute Journal ($29)

Sit down and reflect on your day with some journaling prompts. 

LIP BALM set ($17)

Never run out of chapstick again with a mini set. 

Body Exfoliator ($10)

This is another great gift for people looking to recreate a spa day at home. 

Satin pillowcase ($10)

Take care of your hair and prevent breakage with this soft satin pillowcase. 

Claw clip set ($7)

Claw clips are stylish and functional gifts great for yourself, especially if you’re always on the go.

Wila Mae was a Style Intern at Her Campus for the Spring 2023 semester. She's a passionate storyteller and loves creating short-form video content highlighting secondhand shopping and Bay Area small businesses on her socials. Keep up with Wila Mae and her work @wilamae.navarro on Instagram and @wilamae2 on TikTok.