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Gen Z has been notoriously unique when it comes to dating: we get “icked” easily, we consult our friends before sending the first message to our newest Tinder match, and we oftentimes resort to weird attraction hacks like putting perfume on our ankles when we head out to bars. As the generation raised by the internet, Gen Z is kind of at the forefront of a new frontier when it comes to dating — and the popular dating app Tinder is well aware of it.

Y’all know the “Spotify Wrapped” trend? Well, Tinder just released its own version, and it’s all about the way that Gen Z dates. I know — I shudder at the thought of it.

In 2022, Tinder conducted an in-app survey of young daters (aged 18 – 24) along with analyzing profiles, messages, and users within the app to find out what makes Gen Z tick in the dating world. These results, titled “A Year In Swipe”, revealed more than just users’ affinity for the “Pushin’ P” emoji: they’re an in-depth look into how this generation dates. Let’s just say, it’s pretty accurate.

Yes, Being in a “Situationship” is a relationship status.

Does this count as good news? For all of you that are trapped in the in-between of casual dating and a full-blown relationship, you’re as visible as ever. According to Tinder, there was a 49% increase in users adding the phrase “situationship” to their bio. Additionally, Gen Z daters told Tinder that they “prefer situationships as a way to develop a relationship with less pressure.” I mean, I get it.

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Gen Z Wants Exciting (and sober) Dates.

My first date with my partner was to see the longest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. And while some good came out of it (a relationship!), I gotta admit that it wasn’t the most invigorating night I’ve ever had in my life. So, it’s no surprise that my fellow Gen Z-ers are waving “goodbye” to movie nights and dinner dates, and “hello” to more exciting options.

“A Year In Swipe” found that young daters are more inclined to plan unique and fun date nights — specifically ones with an activity. “Going for a hike” topped the list, followed by “bowling’, “picnic”, and “a walk” — the classic “dinner date” made it to number nine, only beating out “mini golf”. Similarly, creative activities like Camping, BBQs,
Trying New Things, and Street Food all trended as popular social interests for Gen Z.

But even more than exciting dates, Gen Z is kind of over the whole “going out for drinks” date. According to “A Year In Swipe”, over 25% of surveyed daters said they drink less on dates compared to last year and, when describing their drinking habits, 72% of respondents said they don’t drink or only drink occasionally on their profiles. Sobercuriosity is on the rise, bestie!

Social Issues Are Important To Gen Z Daters… And The Stars, Too.

With social justice at the forefront of Gen Z’s minds, it’s no wonder that social issues weave their way into the dating world. Tinder’s study found that 75% of singles were looking for a match that was “respectful of or invested in social issues”, and that “Activism” and “Voters Rights” interests appeared on profiles 84% and 37% respectively.

Additionally, Gen Z also looked to the stars in 2022 when it came to dating. Out of all the descriptors Tinder allows users to add, star signs were the most popular aside from smoking preferences, pets, and diet. And if you’re into Leos, Scorpios, or Cancers, then you’re in luck — these were the most popular zodiacs displayed on the profiles of Tinder users. Honestly, makes total sense.

Turns out, Gen Z finds being forward incredibly hot.

No shocker here! While dating apps allow us to connect in the virtual space, Gen Z is done with the games. Tinder’s survey found that 73% of surveyed daters were looking for someone who is clear about what they want out of a relationship. Some characteristics they cited as desirable were “loyalty” (79%), “respect” (78%), and “open-mindedness” (61%). So, if you wanna send that first message that seems a little too forward, don’t be afraid to do it. According to Tinder users, it’s kind of hot.

For a full look into Tinder’s study, check out this handy-dandy infographic:

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Image Courtesy Of Tinder
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