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ICYMI, Stix Released A Safe Sex Kit (& It’s Perfect For Spring Break Flings)

Here’s the shortlist of your spring break essentials: SPF, a good book, some adorable swimwear, and a safe sex kit. ICYMI, sexual wellness is in, and so is being prepared for flings, spontaneous hookups, and one-night stands. What? Sex is dope! But what’s even better than great sex, is safe sex. I’ll say it louder for the people in the back: safe sex is hot!

Vacation is the time to let loose, which is probably why 85% of spring breakers report having at least 1 sexual partner during spring break. So, if you want to have that hot summer night fling … have it! No shame in the game, bestie, just be prepared. You’ll be glad you were.

Rather than breaking crafting your own toolkit with items from your local pharmacy, (and going broke in the process), sexual wellness brand Stix just released their very own Safe Sex Kit — and it’s a definite spring break essential.

If you didn’t know, Stix is the brand behind some of the best sexual wellness products on the market: They sell everything from morning-after pills, to condoms, to vaginal health supplements. Founded by two women, Stix’s products are trusted by OBGYNs, discreetly shipped, and super convenient — some products are even available for same-day or next-day shipping.

Stix’s Safe Sex Kit includes some of the brand’s most popular products: the Restart™ Morning-After Pill, a pack of ultra-thin condoms, vaginal wipes, an early-detection pregnancy test, UTI tests, and vaginal pH tests, which are specifically for yeast infections. Considering that morning-after pills themselves cost up to $50, this kit is a total steal, if I do say so myself.

So, whether you’re planning to bring this kit along on your spring break adventures, or just want to keep it in your house for those “just in case” moments, Stix’s Safe Sex Kit is here for the rescue. BRB, stocking up RN.

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