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An Expert’s Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Hinge In Time For Summer

Well, it’s officially April, which means it’s the start of freshly blooming flowers, colorful sunsets, and your local ice cream shop reopening. However, it also means it’s the time of year to purge your closet, vacuum under your couch, and finally use that Swiffer duster your mom got for you way back in September. While the weather is getting progressively nicer, and there are 101 things you’d rather be doing, we both know you’ll feel better if you tidy up your space, bake some fresh banana bread and embrace the hygge lifestyle this spring. 

Now before you break out your mop from storage, what if I told you there was one very important thing you need to add to your spring cleaning list this year… your Hinge profile.

I know, I know, how does one spring clean their Hinge? I had the exact same question. So, I talked to Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science Logan Ury to get some tips and tricks on how to not only elevate your profile, but perhaps find a reason to delete the dating app designed to be deleted.

Besides, hot girl summer was so 2020. It’s plot girl summer, and what better way to inspire some main character moments with some summer loving?

Freshen up your photos. 

Think of your Hinge as if you’re creating a movie trailer: whatever you present on your profile should give a general idea of what life would be like with you. Whatever doesn’t? Cut it. 

“Don’t show who you think people would want to date, but be authentic and true to yourself,” Ury says. “The key to an extraordinary Hinge profile is selecting photos and prompts that really show potential matches who you are.”

Additionally, try to avoid the Where’s Waldo chaotic group shots, and pick a variety of photos that show who you are. However, it’s important to remember that your first photo should be a clear headshot of you — no sunglasses, funny Snapchat filters, or a sea of other people. It’s all about you!

So, take out the photos that don’t showcase who you are and replace them with photos of your fun adventures, hobbies, and passions. It’s refreshing to truly be yourself.

Set your intentions.

Whether you’re looking for a summer fling or a consistent date for national holidays you can be upfront with what you want now with Hinge’s “Dating Intentions” feature. 

“One in three (34%) of Hinge users have said they have been in an undefined romantic relationship”, Ury says. “So, we conducted an experiment with 12,000 participants and found that 65% have found that [the Intentions] feature has helped them not only avoid stressful situationships, avoid the possibility of having to ghost someone, but focus on the type of relationships they want to attract.”

Along with this, Hinge also just added a new feature that allows you to specify your “Relationship Type.” Whether you’re looking for something non-monogamous, or completely exclusive, utilizing this feature is another way to make sure you and your potential match are on the same page.

“Speak” your truth.

I hate to break it to you, but the voice prompt feature is actually a must-have on your Hinge profile. Sorry about it!   According to Ury, the voice prompt feature is the most authentic way to express yourself on your profile. “64% of Hinge users feel a potential match’s voice is an important factor in determining if they like them or not,” she explains. “And 49% say they have become attracted to someone after hearing their voice.”

I know we have all cringed at bad voice prompts, but if you’ve ever had one that absolutely hits, it’s basically love at first sight… or should I say, love at first sound? Don’t be afraid of the voice prompt feature because of its “cringe” reputation — take it as an opportunity to show off your personality or sense of humor.


PLEASE look at this man that came up on my friends hinge. I’m IN LOVE #hinge #nycdating #voiceprompts

♬ original sound – Olivia
Skip the small talk.

I know this is probably the scariest tip of all, but avoid one-word answers to Hinge’s prompts! “Respond to prompts in a meaningful way that will encourage a conversation that goes beyond the easy small talk,” Ury suggests. “71% of Hinge users say they’re more successful at finding matches when they include a thoughtful comment.” You don’t have to write a paragraph, but make sure your prompts inspire a response: think, would you swipe right on yourself?

Send out those roses.

Obviously, when I was talking to Ury, I had to ask about the sitch with sending out roses. While it’s no secret that the cutest people are stuck in “rose jail,” I always get so scared when I’m asked to send out a rose – it’s Hinge’s version of approaching someone at a bar…I’d rather just keep making awkward eye contact. 

I hate to report back, but Ury doesn’t lie: sending out a rose doubles your chances of not only matching but getting off the app and going on a real date with whoever your lucky suitor is. So, I guess it’s time to start throwing out some flowers and crossing your fingers.

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