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The “Someone Cooked Here” TikTok Trend Has Users Thinking About Their SO’s Ex

Picture this:You’re dating someone new — it’s probably the third time you’ve gone out — and you ask them to take a cute picture of you to post on IG. Now, you’re probably expecting to tell them all of the basics of taking a fire photo, but before you know it, they’ve already set the exposure, moved to get the perfect angle, and even adjusted the zoom. Maybe they’re a photographer, but chances are, they’ve done this before. Instantly, you can see some green flags. And the “someone cooked here” trend on TikTok is bringing this moment to life.

The “someone cooked here” trend has been all over my FYP recently, and it’s making all of TikTok think about their partner’s exes. The viral trend aims to showcase other people’s green flags, like folks who know where to apply conditioner (on the ends only, duh), or people who have impressive iPhone photography skills. More than that, the trend highlights the past relationships that may have taught them that thing. This meme is derived from the other viral saying, “Let him cook,” which essentially is the same as saying “Let them do their thing.”

So, on TikTok, “someone cooked here” really just means that one’s partner has listened to past partners, and grown to be better than someone who uses a 2-in-1 shampoo and owns navy blue bed sheets — and you get to enjoy the changes. It’s what you deserve, bestie.


#greenscreen shoutout to the ex of my instagram bf who trained him the content is popping off #instagrambf #contentcreator #someonecookedhere

♬ Someone cooked here – Ritzecracker

Where did the “Someone cooked here” audio come from?

The viral audio, which features tense music and a voice saying “Someone cooked here,” is one you’ve probably heard before. ICYMI, the voice is, of course, none other than Walter White (or Heisenberg, if you’re a fan of the show). The audio is originally from Season 4, Episode 11 of Breaking Bad, and if you know anything about the show, the term “cook” isn’t what you think it is. (Just look up the show, OK?) Originally posted on a video by user  @ritzecracker talking about going to the gym on leg day, the viral audio now has over 20,000 videos, and is growing by the day.  

For instance, if your SO is way too good at giving gifts, they either have a great relationship with their mother or someone before you has trained them right.

Or, if they understand that “no, I’m not hungry” actually translates to, “I’m down to have a little treat.”

Oh, and let’s not get started on if they know their sun, moon, and rising.

I know I’m not the first one to say this: If they have more than one pillow, and don’t have navy sheets, you’ve picked yourself a winner.

So, if you find yourself realizing that someone else has “cooked” when it comes to your partner, consider it a good thing: The past partner taught them well, and it’s probably benefiting you. It’s a win, babe.

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