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Write Yourself A Love Letter With These Self-Love Journal Prompts

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and love in the air, it seems like everybody is focused on everybody else. But whether you’ve got a date for Feb. 14, vague plans to celebrate Galentine’s on Feb. 13, or what feels like too much work and not enough time, don’t forget to put yourself first. It’s hard to love other people the right way if you can’t love yourself the right way, and sometimes you need a little extra motivation. My suggestion? Add some self-love journal prompts to your docket.

Self-love can be realized through intentional practices, affirmations, and even dating yourself. As Miley Cyrus once said, “I can love me better than you can,” so taking care of yourself more than you take care of others should always be priority No. 1. 

Still, self-love can be a daunting goal to achieve. Recognizing the best in and finding ways to be kind to yourself can be difficult, which is why these 15 journal prompts are here! Break open a new journal, document, or note and try writing. Use these prompts before, during, and after Valentine’s Day whenever you start to doubt yourself to find joy, be compassionate, and practice grace with the awesome person you might sometimes doubt you are.

Describe a moment—big or small—when you helped someone out. 

Even holding open a door or listening to a friend’s rant counts.  

“What feeds your soul? How can you make more time for that?”

Think about what gives you more energy than it takes away. 

“What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in the past year?”

Whether a meal preference or a new talent, write it down. 

“How would your best friend talk about you?”

Sometimes you need to use someone else’s perspective.

“What’s one way to treat yourself today? Why do you deserve it?”

Once you’re done with this prompt, go ahead and treat yourself. 

“What’s the one piece of advice you always give but never follow? How can you start following it?”

Start practicing what you preach. 

List your top 10 happy songs.

Make a playlist, play it, and write about how it makes you feel.

“What’s something small you can do for yourself today?”

Anything that’ll make you smile. 

“What’s something you’ve improved at?”

Track some of your recent growth. 

“What are your top 10 go-to pick-me-ups?” 

Write them down so you always have them. 

“What’s something you’re looking forward to?”

Concert, party, or a free Saturday to sleep.

“What do you do for “me” time?”

New weekend plans, maybe? 

“What are three things you wish more people knew about you?”

Remind yourself those things are still a part of you. 

“What are you great at?”

Find five things to brag about.

Write about why you deserve what you have.

Sometimes you need a little extra convincing.

Whether you use one of these prompts or all of them, always remember that there are a myriad of ways to care for yourself.

Katheryn Prather is a Her Campus national writer for the Wellness section, with particular interest in mental health and LGBTQ+ issues. Katheryn is studying Creative Writing and Linguistics at Emory University and trying to get fluent in Spanish. Her obsession with all things language is found from her coursework to her writing, which spans from songs and short stories to full-blown fantasy novels. Beyond writing for herself, class, and Her Campus, Katheryn also serves on the executive board of Emory’s Voices of Inner Strength Gospel Choir, where she sings alto. In her free time, Katheryn can often be found writing and revising, reading, or being disappointed by the Dallas Cowboys.