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Self Love is the Best Love: Emily’s A-Z Guide to Practicing Self Love

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

In today’s modern society, the topic of self-love is highly overlooked and forgotten, despite its true importance for humans. To me, self-love represents the acceptance of oneself for who you are in the present moment and the person you are evolving into. Here is an A-Z list of simple ways you can practice caring for yourself:  

A – Allow yourself to make mistakes because nobody is perfect.  

B – Breathe… You can do anything you put your mind to.  

C – Create a new playlist with all your favorite songs.  

D – Dance like nobody’s watching.  

E – Everything shower.  

F – Focus on eating healthy, nutritious food to fuel your body. 

G – Go on a coffee date to catch up with your friends.  

H – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  

I – Ignite the energy you hold within.  

J – Journal your thoughts and feelings. 

K – Know and acknowledge your limitations.  

L – Light a candle or plug in a diffuser with your favorite essential oils. 

M – Mindfulness! Concentrate on the present moment and avoid dwelling on what is to come or what has already passed.  

N – Notice how you are feeling: physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

O – Organize your space. 

P – Practice positive self-talk.  

Q – Quiet time to collect your thoughts and reflect.  

R – Rest and rejuvenate.  

S – Set a schedule for yourself. 

T – Treat yourself every once in a while.  

U – Unplug from social media.  

V – Venture to a new place and explore.  

W – Walk outside to absorb the sunshine and admire the beauty around you.  

X – E(x)ercise. It is so important to move your body each day.  

Y – Yoga or stretching to release built-up tension in your body.  

Z – Zen! Meditate, practice awareness, and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. 

I hope each and every person who comes across my A-Z list of self-care activities can find something that helps them realize “self-love is the best love.”  

Emily Behm

Bowling Green '26

Emily is currently a second year studying Architecture and Environmental Design. She is involved in various BGSU student organizations and programs such as CHAARG, President of Self Love Club, the Honors College, and AIAS for architecture.