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This Routine Makes It So Easy To Work Out Without Equipment

Your own bodyweight is a powerful tool to improve physical and mental endurance. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, I have adapted dozens of programs in the past year to be effective bodyweight-only workouts. 

Bodyweight movements can improve physical endurance when performed at higher repetitions and lower amounts of rest. Using our own bodyweight can boost our mental endurance because we are training our mind to become resilient to the “waking up” or “burn” feeling of our muscles contracting! 

Finding an effective bodyweight workout is tough, so luckily you stumbled upon this one! Watch this video for verbal detailed explanations or read descriptions of each exercise below.


Start off with a brisk walk for five minutes, then jog for four to five minutes. 

If you aren’t able to go outside, go through this HIIT warm-up indoors. Complete three rounds of 40 seconds doing these exercises, then take 20 seconds of rest:

  1. Half jacks or jumping jacks
  2. Butt kickers or jog in place
  3. March + arm circles or high knees

The workout 

Do three rounds of each specified movement with their corresponding reps!

1. 10 squats 

Take a wider than shoulder width base with your feet, bend at the knees, then sit back. Squeeze the glutes when you lift up to standing.

2. 10 reverse lunges on each side

Step back with one leg, and keep the front knee in line with your ankle. Lower the back knee down to a 90-degree angle. To challenge yourself, kiss the back knee to the floor.

3. Plank hold for 30 to 60 seconds

Press the hands and toes into the floor. Keep the wrists under the shoulders and press the floor away with your hands. Keep the hips in line with your head, core engaged and glutes squeezed!

4. 10 push-ups

Either elevated on a wall, chair or on the ground, lower down from the plank position. Press the elbows to the back corners of your space and keep the back flat.

5. 10 glute bridge marches on each side or 30-second glute bridge hold

Lay on the floor with your head, neck and shoulders down. Lift the hips up and keep them leveled, lift up one foot at a time toward the chest. Repeat on the other side, or keep the hips lifted for 30 seconds. 

6. 10 butterfly crunches

Lay on the floor, press the feet together with the knees out wide. Reach your arms over your face, press the low back into the floor and lift the head, neck and shoulders off the ground toward the sky. 

Take each workout at your own pace and have fun with it! Workouts are meant to make you stronger for daily life, so a workout can be as simple as going on a walk for 10 minutes or going through this 30-minute workout. If you enjoyed this workout, use this guide to find more at-home workouts recommended by Her Campus!

Sareena graduated from the University of Oregon in 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and minor in Nonprofit Administration. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who creates inclusive fitness experiences where every body and mind can feel proud of their accomplishments! She is currently a full-time personal trainer and coach in Southern California! Sareena hopes to empower Her Campus readers with her voice and chronicle the realities that comprise post-grad life.  You can find her on instagram, @seedswithsareena. If you want to try one of her workouts, find Seeds with Sareena on Youtube!
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