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No Time to Work Out

I feel like I have no time to exercise. If I'm not in class, I'm going to class or am doing my work for class. My only exercising is walking around campus with the added weight of my backpack on my back. What are some things a busy girl like me can do to make sure she exercises every day?

The crazy life of a college student leaves little to no room for exercise in the mix of running around campus from class to class, studying in the library, making ends meet at the job, or attempting to have a social life. While sitting back and looking at a calendar full of colors and marks for every moment of the day, exercise can easily get pushed to the back burner. The life of a college student is by no means easy, but healthy living and exercise should be a priority on that calendar to not only stay fit and in shape but all to boost the immune system and prevent getting a flu during finals.
Deciding to make exercise a priority in the midst of a hectic schedule comes with great discipline and persistence. However, exercise doesn’t have to come in the form of a 30-minute or 1-hour workout routine at the gym. Exercise can be found in the day to day routine of life. All it takes it a little creativity and dedication.
Follow these tips below to ensure daily exercise:
1.) Exercise in the Morning

Exercise has no excuses when setting that alarm clock 30 minutes early. There is nothing that can get in the way between you and exercise at 6 a.m.… besides the snooze button on that alarm. However, scheduling a workout in the middle of the day or even at night leaves much room for interruptions or a change in plan when that unexpected paper that is due at midnight is brought to your attention. Waking up early not only ensures you that you will get your exercise in, but it also creates a great start to the day.
Not a morning person? Find a workout buddy who is. This is great accountability for those days where 6 a.m. came just a little too early. This will not only get you up and going at 6 a.m. but will also make the time fly by when chatting with your best friend. 
2.) Park Far away
Finding the furthest parking spot on campus will get the heart pumping while hauling a 30 lb backpack across campus. The longer the route, the better, especially when there are hills involved to work the leg muscles. Just be sure to leave the house a few minutes early to be sure you make it to class on time.
3.) Take the stairs
The elevator is very tempting when you are running on little sleep and loading up on caffeine in order to just make it through the day. However, the stairs is a great way to get in a few heart racing minutes in your day while looking those legs as well. Taking a couple of trips if you have to…it never hurts!
4.) Study on the Elliptical
College students always have to study. So why not kill two birds with one stone by studying at the campus gym? Working out on the elliptical creates a smooth motion that allows one to read and multi-task. Not to mention that it gets the blood pumping to the brain causing stimulation, which allows for better retention of material. Who would have thought that the elliptical could get you better grades while staying fit!
Have a hard time staying focused at the gym? Download Beethoven’s classical music on iTunes and add it to your iPod. Research studies have proven that Beethoven’s classical music enhances focus and studying skills.
5.) Wear your workout clothing to school
Cute exercise clothing is not only comfy for those long hours in the lecture hall or studying in the library, but are also a great motivator and reminder to exercise. And it is very convenient when you have an hour break in between classes to pop right into the school’s gym and walk on the elliptical. Don’t want to get all sweaty right before your next class? Walking is always a great exercise to do when you have scheduled appointments to run to right after your workout.
The reality is, there is always time to fit in exercise. If you have time to watch your favorite TV show, spend countless hours on Facebook, or invest time into a favorite hobby, than you probably have time to fit in exercise. It’s all about re-prioritizing your time to fit it all in. Yes, you might have to loose a few extra minutes of sleep, or spend less time socializing on Facebook, but if exercise is made a priority each and every day than you will find yourself getting up and moving.

Ruth Rogers’ passion for fitness and health started at an early age being involved in several sports such as gymnastics and springboard diving. She holds a degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Exercise and Nutrition. Currently she is going back to school for yet another degree in Nursing to help improve the lives of those around her. Residing in Phoenix, AZ she strives to find a balance between being a wife, student, and nurse extern in 2 of the local hospitals. Utilizing her skills and knowledge in the field of exercise and nutrition, she has created a website called “She-Fit” which strives to help women live a healthy lifestyle, allowing women of all ages to not only look their best but to live out their dreams and feel good about themselves. She serves as a personal nutrition and exercise coach, consulting women to define and address their health needs. She-Fit can be found at http://she-fit.com.
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