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Here’s How You Can Recreate The ‘Bridgerton’ Mirror Scene IRL

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the steamy AF Bridgerton mirror scene in book four, Romancing Mister Bridgerton. (And if you haven’t? It’s time to get your head into the gutter.) ICYMI, this viral scene in the Bridgerton book features Penelope and Colin getting down and dirty in front of a mirror — and it’s hot. But, luckily, this steamy romp doesn’t have to live on your bookshelf: You can experience the mirror scene IRL with these mirror sex positions.

Adding a mirror can be a fun and easy way to spice up things in a way that’s pretty easy since, well, mirrors tend to be in every house. This is a time to get handsy and get excited to be touching your partner — and I promise, it really is as spicy as you think it will be. On top of spicing things up, adding a mirror can be an additional turn-on while getting spicy with your partner(s). But, an even bigger benefit comes from the self-confidence boost that comes from seeing yourself during these steamy moments. Seems like Colin Bridgerton was really onto something, huh? 

But, how do you even utilize a mirror without hanging it on your ceiling? Don’t worry, this is a breakdown of the best ways to get down and dirty with a mirror.

Post-shower doggy

OK, remember the scene in Titanic in the car where Jack and Rose steam up the windows? This is kind of like that. Start in a steamy shower, making sure to get extra touchy-feely for foreplay. After relaxing in the steam, bend over the bathroom counter and have your partner penetrate you from behind. Wipe the steamy mirror with your hand to control how much, and what views, you get to see. This is literally as steamy as it gets. 

Mirrored lap dance

This one requires a full-length mirror and takes spicy to another level by taking it out of the bedroom. To try, have your partner sit on the couch and set up the mirror opposite them. With your back to their chest, sit on their lap with your legs spread while they penetrate you from underneath. Enjoy the view as they get handsy with easy access to all of your erogenous zones. 

Standing view

Wanna watch your partner look big and strong? This is the perfect position. Standing in the view of a mirror, have your partner pick you up and hold you against the wall (with their back facing the mirror), while you wrap your legs around them as they penetrate you. Yes, please to lots of muscles and moaning. 

Handheld mirror

Don’t have a big mirror to utilize? No worries! Grab a handheld mirror while your partner pleasures you with your favorite kind of oral sex. Hold the mirror so you can get a good view of their tongue, lay back, and enjoy. 

Mirrored doggy

My least favorite thing about doggy style will always be a lack of eye contact, so adding a mirror changes the game. Set up a mirror opposite the end of the bed so that while you are on all fours so you lock eyes with your partner as they penetrate you from behind. I promise this really is as spicy as it is sweet. 

We might not all have access to carriages for steamy moments, so adding in a mirror is the perfect way to get that Bridgerton romance as an average 20-something. 

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