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Your Daily Reminder To Drink Water, From Millie Bobby Brown

If you’ve ever seen Stranger Things, then you’d know that Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, is a total badass. From fighting demogorgons and taking on Vecna to navigating high school as a supernatural test experiment, Brown’s character has to balance a lot. But IRL, the actress’ plate is even fuller, believe it or not.

Not only is Brown famous for her roles in Stranger Things and the Enola Holmes series, but she’s also the brain behind a successful beauty line (Florence by Mills), and an active television and film producer. Oh, and she’s also a student at Purdue University — so she’s essentially fighting Vecna all over again every single midterm season.

Does this girl ever take a second to rest? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. In her new collaboration with Essentia Water, Brown is highlighting the importance of hydration in our everyday lives. The face of the “Stop For Nothing” campaign, the actress, producer, and student prioritizes her health and self-care through the most essential action in the world: drinking water.

“If I’m starting to slow down during the day, drinking water will pick me back up — especially when I’m doing events, or hot or tired,” Brown tells Her Campus. “I personally just feel like my day-to-day kind of relies solely on water.”

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The “Stop For Nothing” campaign previously featured athletes like Jimmy Butler, Justin Fields, and Patrick Maholmes, alongside singer Tate McRae, and was created to showcase resilience while also encouraging audiences to prioritize their minds and bodies in pursuit of their goals. For someone as busy and ambitious as Brown, the message definitely resonates.

“Hurdles and obstacles may be there, but that doesn’t mean that I’m giving up,” Brown says. “I definitely didn’t and I still am not.”

Coming into the spotlight at just nine years old, Brown has grown from a child actress to a full-blown star: walking red carpets, attending countless Fashion Weeks, and even winning an Emmy award alongside the Stranger Things cast. While Brown has without a doubt made a name for herself in Hollywood, she’s making her mark in the beauty world as well.

In 2019, Brown launched her beauty, haircare, and skincare line, Florence by Mills. The line features gentle face washes, moisturizing hair masks, and clean, natural beauty products — all to inspire the glow from within.

“Everything [in the line] is really curated based around hydration,” Brown says. “Growing up in different climates, traveling, and wearing heavy makeup, my skin would get dry. And I realized that not only what I put on my skin, but actually what I put into my body means everything.”

Don’t just take Brown’s word for it — it’s proven that water is the magic potion for clear skin and mental well-being. Staying hydrated (FYI, the average human should drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day) can help treat and prevent headaches, boost energy levels, and reduce signs of aging, inside and out. Despite the benefits of hydration, drinking water can become a total afterthought when you’ve got a busy schedule. “Everybody’s so focused on their future and, of course, that’s so important,” Brown says. “But I think what’s really important [is] to prioritize you, what your body needs, and what your soul needs, even if that’s just a glass of water.”

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While Brown is the new face of Essentia Water’s motivational movement, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t times when it’s tough to keep moving forward. Brown has been open about her struggles being in the spotlight, including her experiences with internet bullies and public scrutiny. But like her characters, Brown has never been one to back down.

“Everyone can feel unmotivated or down and low, especially when those obstacles or hurdles feel too big to tackle,” Brown says. “But finding that inner strength, hearing other people’s stories, empathizing and being empowered with the people around me, that’s what keeps me going.”

Brown’s advice for college students battling their own personal Vecna (AKA, exam season)? Stay motivated, give yourself some grace, and (of course) stop for nothing in the pursuit of your goals.

“As a college student, I think you forget that what you are doing is very, very amazing and incredibly difficult in this day and age,” Brown says. “Being young, living in this world, and getting your degree in something that you believe is your journey, I think it’s incredibly admirable. So, we all should give ourselves a pat on the back for what we do day to day, and how we move around this planet.”

In honor of Essentia Water’s “Stop For Nothing” campaign, starring Millie Bobby Brown, fans can enter to win a year’s supply of Essentia Water. Learn more about the giveaway here.

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