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What Does It Mean To Match Someone’s “Freak?”

I may be a bit of a romantic, but I will die on the hill that there is someone out there for everyone. Yes, even I — the girl who dressed like Forever 21 Blair Waldorf every day to attend her rural public high school — had a date to my senior prom. We all know that one couple comprised of the two wackiest people you’ve ever met, and they’re perfect for each other. According to the internet, these are the people who “match each other’s freak,” and honestly? I’m absolutely here for this term.

I want you to think of the most chaotic couples in pop culture: Chuck and Blair, Samantha and Smith, Donkey and Dragon — you get it. Couples that “match each other’s freak” essentially mean that their respective weirdness complements, and sometimes enhances, each other. In this case, “freak” refers to the strange, unconventional, and societally unpalatable parts of a person that can find a good counterpart in another person’s strangeness. Can I get a “hell yeah?”

On social media, users are sharing some of their favorite couples that “match each other’s freak.” Their answers span from reality television show favorites to animated characters, and each of them gets more and more accurate.

Seriously… Vanessa and Barry Bee Benson really were made for each other.

What is the “match each other’s freak” origin?

ICYMI, the internet didn’t just come up with this slang term on a whim. “Match each other’s freak” comes from the popular Tinashe song “Nasty,” in which the artist sings, “Is somebody gonna match my freak?” When it comes to memes, the more you know, right?

Freaks, rise! Your person is out there — trust me.

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