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Lose the Freshman 15: Tips from my Naturally Thin Best Friend

Hello Collegiettes!

This weekend I am headed to Seattle to search for an apartment with my best friend, Anna.  I have always admired Anna for her no-fuss approach to life and fitness.  She has such a positive outlook on health and is naturally thin.  I asked her how she does it and she shared a few of her insights!  I really think her approach is so healthy, I definitely will be adopting some of these tips.  Here are some of her tips and philosophies on health!

·      Any exercise counts, for example, she takes one bag at a time for groceries instead of hauling it all at once to get in activity during the day

·      She said she doesn’t buy into the starving kids in Africa Guilt trip.  Yes, there are starving kids in Africa, but cleaning off your plate doesn’t solve world hunger, it is only unhealthy for you.

·      She has travelled a lot where she has seen overseas food is made and doesn’t want that going into her body, like trash and rubbage in vegetable fields for example. No thanks. So she focuses on buying organic and only food made in US & Canada

·      Would much rather have an apple and rolled up turkey than a protein bar

·      Never has desert in the house and only has it when eating out.

·       “You are what you eat so take pride in what’s going into your body, then you’re going to see that”

·      Being balanced and natural, not wearing a lot of makeup, don’t eat a lot of processed foods is her philosophy

·      Think of food as a well balanced experience, dinner parties with friends and take pride in making great dinner for friends (she makes killer salmon), searching out cool places to have food, it makes it more fun and people always say that you don’t have time to eat well, but that’s a load of *bleeeeep*

·      If you don’t have time to eat well now, you better have time for some serious medical appointments in your future

·      Never been on a diet….ever. 

·      Believes your weight is 90% what you eat

·      Enjoys long walks, light weights, hard workout once a week

·      Everything in moderation, including exercise

·      Learned a lot from her grandma, who cuts an apple before bed every night, is 86 and does water aerobics 3 times per week.  Also, which I absolutely loved, is that her  grandma’s attitude about life transcends in her attitude about her body she says she is “So positive, she can take any situation and turn it into positive, transcends into her food, only wants the healthiest, best things in life”

·      “If you’re stressed or have a bad day, and have a cookie, food shouldn’t be your go to make you feel better”

·      All about mental strength – 50% of health and it impacts your diet a ton and if that is strong, you can overcome cravings

·      What she says is her alternatives to a cookie…Put on loud music, go on a run, drink wine with friends (good for your heart, right?)

·      She is a big fan of: aloe vera juice, smart water (for the electrolytes..yes it’s expensive, but you should never skip on something that can make you healthier)

·      Money will never, ever, indicate something health  – related.  Always dish out the money for the healthier option

·      In mornings has a fruit smoothie with banana, frozen fruit, yogurt, orange juice, pack of Emergen-C, spoon full of protein powder & Metamucil

·      Huge fan of Juice+ products

·      For on the go lunch, will have oven baked turkey breast from deli, extra thin sargento cheese, layers & wraps them in foil for a quick lunch on the go with an apple

·      She loves apples! “Apples are the best thing to keep you full for longer”

·      Limiting red meat intake is crucial and fish (non breaded fish) should be eaten at least 2-3 times a week

·      Anything fried and ingredients you can’t pronounce are no-no’s


Some pretty good tips, yeah?  She definitely exemplifies a healthy, balanced, positive life.  I have learned so much from her and am so happy to have such a healthy friend to help me, too!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!