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Lose the Freshman 15: Set Goals and Reward Yourself


Hey Ladies!

Week three is here and I am happy to report that I lost another pound! I was pretty surprised by this after I fell off track on Friday night, but I’ve been sticking to plan since and I can tell that it’s paying off.

Since the program started I have lost a total of two pounds and while I am happy with all the progress that I have made so far, it’s time to step up the game. If I want to lose the freshman 15 by the end of week 10 I am going to need to up my weekly progress. I’ve decided to provide myself with a little extra motivation in addition to Diet Bet to keep myself motivated. That being said as long as I lost two pounds this week, I made a promise to treat myself to a mani pedi at the beginning of next week!  That way I’ll have additional incentive to complete my Self Drop 10 Strength Training Workouts rather than make excuses to blow it off.  In addition, I think that having a number set in my mind at the start of the week will help me avoid food temptations that haunt me on a college campus.

Sounds good right? For all you joining me in Self’s plan, come up with a reward for yourself to make shedding the pounds a bit more fun. Once you come up with your ideas let me know in the comments! (I might steal them in the future!)

Until next time, stay healthy!

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