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Lose the Freshman 15: How to Conquer Unnecessary Calories


Hi ladies!

My first week of summer has been totally jammed packed with catching up with friends from high school, as I’m sure it is for all of you ladies. If you are anything like my friends and me, catching up usually occurs at the nearest burger joint or diner for hours and hours…and hours.


I’ve noticed that eating out can cause the calories to add up really fast so I’ve decided to share some of my tips that I’ve been using with you ladies! Check them out!

1. Always chose water! By choosing the zero calorie hydrator, you’ll instantaneously save 200-300 calories.

2. Avoid condiments when possible. Most are filled with hidden calories. If you can’t enjoy your meal without them try using half the amount that you usually do.

3. Put half your meal in a take out bag right off the bat. Restaurants tend to give at least double the serving and when you are carelessly eating you tend to ignore the fact that you are full. Nip this problem in the butt by only allowing yourself to eat half.

4. Fill up on a Self approved Super Food. By snacking on these foods before you go out, you’ll get full quicker and cut down on empty calories.  Check out Self’s list of super foods here.

5. Make alternative plans. Instead of catching up with your friends over a meal, try substituting something healthier, like taking a walk. You’d be surprised at the number of miles you walk without even realizing it.

What are you favorite calorie saving tips? Let me know in the comments!


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