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Lose the Freshman 15: Diet Bet Success?


Hey Ladies!

So as most of you know, The first Lose the Freshman 15 Diet Bet is about to come to an end, the question is whether or not I’ll be claiming my cash.

Here’s the deal: I started out at 133 pounds at the beginning of the program so given the rules of the Diet Bet I needed to lose 4% of my body weight, or end the game at 128 pounds.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling prettttty confident in claiming my hard earned cash weighing in at 127. But then finals week happened.

With the stress of papers on top of final projects on top of actual finals my eating went haywire. Not only was I eating at the most obscure times with all of my studying, but I was also eating whatever I could get my hands on to ease my stress. And sometimes, I didn’t chose the healthiest options.

That being said, I was just over the required weight clocking in at 129, this morning. But, hold on just a second. I technically still have until tomorrow night to shed the last pound so I’m determined to get the cash!

To do this I’ve been focusing on as much hydration as possible in attempt to get rid of some of the extra water weight to earn my hard earned cash!

Be sure to check back on Thursday to see if I can pull of shedding the last pound and make sure to sign up for Lose the Freshman 15’s second diet bet here.

Be sure to follow my progress on social media too!

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